Property Management Evolves to Attract the Next Generation of Professionals

“Property Management Evolves to Attract the Next Generation of Professionals”
Bisnow – June 29, 2018

Young people are searching for their purpose, and they want their employers to help them find it. From green building initiatives to diversity programs and time off for volunteering, companies have started to use social responsibility and a sense of community engagement to draw in recruits. Millennials are more likely than baby boomers to research the issues a company supports before applying for a job. In commercial real estate, the average age of property manager is 50 years old. To attract young talent, development firms and property management companies have begun presenting careers in property management as an opportunity to engage with peers and curate experiences. For SVN International Corp. Chief Operating Officer Diane Danielson, the property manager of the future will be a hybrid role of facilities expert and event planner.

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