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WellIREM is WELL Certified™

The IREM Headquarters office on Michigan Avenue in Chicago has been awarded WELL Certification at the Silver level by the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™). IREM is the first WELL-certified project in Chicago and the first association in the United States to receive the certification. The certification was awarded to the Institute on October 11, 2016 for achieving high levels of performance from office features that impact health and well-being. Workplace well-being is an exploding industry, and we are excited to share the WELL mission of improving human health and wellbeing through the built environment.

What is the WELL Building Standard™?

The WELL Building Standard™ is the first standard to integrate human health and wellness into the design, construction, maintenance and operations of buildings. WELL was pioneered by Delos Living and is managed by the International WELL Building Institute, and Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) is the credentialing organization. WELL Building Standard

The WELL Building Standard:

  • Is about creating healthier, more productive places for people.
  • Provides a performance-based framework to measure and evaluate buildings on their impact on the people within.
  • Positions design and building operations as an agent of public health.
  • Measures, certifies, and monitors building features that impact health and wellbeing.

How did IREM achieve this certification?

In 2015, IREM began the buildout of a new Headquarters office at 430 N. Michigan Avenue. We saw this as an opportunity to model and provide leadership on movements and trends in the real estate management industry. Working in conjunction with GNP Realty Partners, AMO, we incorporated a number of office technologies designed to meet WELL standards, including:

  • Specially-tuned LED ceiling ambient lighting, optimized at 4000k color temperature for the truest, most comfortable natural light – a feature critical to maintaining the human circadian system while reducing space energy costs
  • Ergonomically crafted work areas with the ability to alternate occupants from sitting to standing positions, providing people with greater flexibility throughout the work day
  • A demand-controlled air delivery system that utilizes CO2 detection sensors to optimize fresh air for all occupants
  • ENERGY STAR, ergonomically adjustable and dimmable LED task lighting at all workstations and offices, providing additional ambient lighting to occupants on demand
  • WattStopper occupancy sensors that utilize passive infrared technology to provide energy-efficient control of lighting and plug loads
  • Knowledge-based environmental cues that encourage occupants to consume whole, natural foods and cuisines
  • ENERGY STAR kitchen appliances
  • ENERGY STAR computers, monitors, printers, and server equipment


Project Partners

GNP Contact :
John Gagliardo
Vice President of Project Management and Development
WELL Institute Logo
IWBI Contact :
Kristen Coco
Communications & Public Affairs
Delos Contact :
Peter B. Smith, WELL AP, WELL Faculty, LEED AP Homes
Vice President, Delos Solutions

Learn More
To learn more about the WELL Building Standard™, visit WELLcertified.com.

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