Advocacy Impact Day


After two years, IREM is going back to Washington, D.C. for Advocacy Impact Day. Join us in person on March 28-29 as we come together to communicate the vital issues affecting the real estate management profession to legislators and their staff. By participating, you'll serve as an expert in the field and advocate for our industry. Plus, you'll help us elevate the profession that we love, network with other members, and meet with elected officials. 

IREM’s Advocacy Impact Day offers members an opportunity to learn about the issues affecting the real estate management industry, and how to meet with their federal legislators to advocate for meaningful change.

Meeting with lawmakers is critical for the future health and growth of the industry, and IREM is streamlining the process to make your voice heard. Participating in the Advocacy Impact Day allowed members to:

  • Learn about the issues impacting the real estate management industry, and how to help shape them
  • Build relationships with legislators that will only increase in value over time
  • Speak directly to the people with the power to change laws and regulations about issues that matter to you, your business, and the clients you represent
  • Gain valuable exposure and experience
  • Be part of something bigger than yourself
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