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On March 28th & 29th, IREM leaders and members returned to Washington, D.C. for the first time in two years for Advocacy Impact Day 2023! The two-day event began with an orientation where members heard from keynote speakers and learned how to conduct successful meetings with legislators. The next day, IREM members went to the Hill and conducted over 100 meetings with their members of Congress!

There were two important issues brought to the table: the Choice in Affordable Housing Act, and the Respect State Housing Laws Act. While meeting with legislators, members were able to provide their expertise to help lawmakers understand the impact this legislation would have on the property management industry.

If you were unable to attend our event in D.C., you still have the opportunity to advocate for your profession! By using our find officials feature, you can identify your federal, state, and even local representatives. All you must do is input your name, email, address (home), and zip code. Once you have identified your officials, you can inform them about IREM’s Advocacy Impact Day and share with them the leave-behind materials we provided to legislators when we were in D.C.

View photos of AID 2023 here.

We are already starting to prepare for Advocacy Impact 2024! We will share information about the event in the next few months!   

How to schedule meetings with legislators

  1. Identify your legislators (two Senators and one Rep.)
  2. Submit a meeting request
    • We suggest contacting your legislator’s office 2-4 weeks in advance to schedule your meeting
    • Feel free to use this template letter
    • Many offices will require you to fill out the meeting request form on their website
    • If you’re asked to provide the topics when scheduling your meeting, let them know you are participating in a virtual fly-in and will send them the topics once they are finalized.
    • Ask for 30 minutes (but 15 is fine) and specify where you would like to meet (In their district office, virtually, or another location)
    • Always follow up with a phone call
  3. Let us know about your meeting
    • Once your meeting is confirmed, please submit the meeting details to IREM Headquarters. You can always edit the information if anything changes.

For more detailed information on how to identify, schedule, and conduct effective meetings with federal legislators check out this webinar recording and visit our "Meet with Legislators" page.

Meeting resources


Orientation Manual

Leave-Behind Flyer

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