Step 3: Apply


After passing your ARM® Certification Exam, you’re ready to apply for your ARM certification.

International applicants must use a separate application

Download the ARM Checklist to track your progress


Complete your ARM application

Download and complete the official ARM application. Be sure to include your $160 non-refundable application fee*

*Application fee for existing members is $80.

Qualifying experience

The ARM application includes documentation to prove that you have at least 12 months of qualifying experience managing a residential or mixed-use portfolio of a minimum size.


In your ARM application, you’ll pledge to uphold the IREM Code of Professional Ethics. The Code helps ensure integrity and professionalism in real estate management.

Did you know?

Fast Track options are available for ARM certification seekers meeting certain qualifications. Contact us to see if you qualify.

See if you qualify

Before moving to Step 4

  • Apply for the ARM
  • Pay $160 application fee

Proceed to Step 4: Graduate

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