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IREM certifies office, medical office, multifamily, senior housing, retail, industrial and self storage properties.

How to certify

Our FAQ page answers the most frequently asked questions about the certification process.

Download checklist and forms
Complete baseline requirements and earn minimum required points
Accumulate minimum required points in 5 categories
Share property in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager
  1. Download materials
  2. Complete 15 baseline requirements
  3. Accumulate 62 points across 5 categories
  4. Apply for the certification and pay your application fee

Checklists and Forms:

Download the checklist and forms for your property type. Forms have guidance along with a tool, such as a template, questionnaire, or inspection checklist, to help you complete the item you’re working on. Forms also list alternative documentation that IREM will accept.

You’ll submit completed forms or alternative documentation with your application.

Share your property in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

If you track your property in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, you’ll need to set up a share with IREM’s account. This will allow you to quickly import data into your CSP application.

Need more help? See this FAQ or download this ENERGY STAR guide.


Email us at sustainability@irem.org or call (800) 837-0706 if you have questions about the certification process.

If you have additional questions be sure to check out our FAQ page.


Submit the application with supporting materials and pay the application fee on the application platform.

The cost to apply for certification is $1,210 for non-members or $730 for IREM members and AMO firms.

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