IREM offers internationally recognized certifications for real estate managers, firms, and properties.

IREM's prestigious certifications symbolize best practices, ethical leadership, and well-managed properties worldwide. Whether you are seeking are seeking certification as an early-career or experienced property manager, IREM has tailored certifications to help you advance your career or business.

For individuals

Property management certifications - become the resident expert with the ARM

Become the resident expert with the ARM®

Become an IREM ARM (Accredited Residential Manager®)

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Property management certifications - Master commercial real estate with the ACoM

Master commercial real estate with the ACoM®

Become an IREM ACoM (Accredited Commercial Manager)

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For companies

Property management certifications - Get IREM forms and reports for property managers

The original property management firm certification

Earn the IREM AMO® (Accredited Management Organization®)

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For properties

Sustainable property management certifications

The sustainability certification for buildings

Earn the IREM Certified Sustainable Property

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