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For commercial property managers newer to the profession and aspiring to take the next step in their careers, and gain control over their future.

Earning the ACoM shows employers and clients that you’re passionate about commercial management, and have the credibility and expertise to back up that passion. You’ll demonstrate the difference between you and your competition, and underline the bigger-picture skills that set you apart. Secure your future by becoming more marketable and bypassing common career roadblocks.

Scholarship opportunities are available to offset the cost of tuition of up to three IREM courses.


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Please ensure you meet all requirements and have completed the steps on the ACoM checklist before submitting your ACoM application. If you have not yet completed the requirements and would like to become an IREM member while working towards your ACoM credential, join as an Associate Member.

Click each section heading to see the requirements, or download and print a copy of the entire ACoM Checklist


  • Have 1 year (12 months) of qualifying commercial real estate management experience as defined by IREM,

(meeting portfolio and functions minimums)

Education – select one of three options:

Option 1: IREM Course – available online


Option 3: Other Designations Fast Track

  • Hold a CPM, CCIM, CSM, PCAM or RPA designation

Option 4: Real Estate Degree Fast Track

  • Have an undergraduate or graduate degree with a major, minor, or concentration in real estate or property management, or an associate's degree in a non-residential property management or real estate program.



Other Requirements

  • Submit an ACoM application with the non-refundable application fee, which is $80.

  • Be approved by your IREM Chapter.

If you are from Canada, contact the Real Estate Institute of Canada.
If you are from any other country, check out the International ACoM Application ACoM.


  • Sharpen your skills. In today's fast-paced real estate management world, keeping your skill set current is especially crucial to make your job safety net a little wider.

  • Demonstrate excellence. The experience and knowledge you demonstrate to earn the ACoM certification assures employers that you possess the specialized skills they seek in commercial managers.

  • Distinguish yourself. Earning the ACoM certification will position you for advancement in your real estate management career regardless of your current level.
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Earning the ACoM certification is a great stepping stone toward the CPM designation.

If you are a commercial site manager and your portfolio has not yet reached the minimum size for the CPM designation, you can gain training, skills, and industry knowledge with the ACoM certification while working towards the CPM. The courses that you complete for the ACoM also count toward the CPM education requirement.


For more information about the benefits of ACoM membership, visit the Member Benefits page.

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