Enhancing Property Value with Deep Retrofits (SRM801)

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View slides from Enhancing Property Value with Deep Retrofits, the first course in a three course series.

The first course in the three-part series will:

  • Define deep retrofits and examine deep retrofit best practices
  • Gain a clear understanding of how sustainability and energy efficiency create value beyond energy cost savings through higher levels of tenant demand, lower maintenance costs, increased sales revenues, and enhanced risk management
  • Preview the Deep Retrofit Value Methodology, an analytical model to determine whether a deep retrofit project could help you reach and exceed investment goals for a particular property

More about the Analyzing and Presenting Deep Retrofit Value Series:

Based on RMI’s groundbreaking work in valuing energy efficiency and sustainability, the courses in this series will show investment real estate professionals how to analyze the financial impact of energy and sustainability retrofits and make a compelling case to move projects forward with owners, investors, and other stakeholders.


  • Site managers
  • Property managers
  • Asset managers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Project managers
  • Building engineers

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