Analyzing and Presenting Deep Retrofit Value Series Package

Based on Rocky Mountain Institute’s groundbreaking work in valuing sustainability, the courses in this series show investment real estate professionals how to analyze the financial impact of energy and sustainability retrofits. The courses will equip you with new skills in determining the dramatic impact these projects can have on net present value. By the end of the series, you will be able to show the numbers behind proposed retrofits and move projects forward.

Enhancing Property Value with
Deep Retrofits

Enhancing Property Value with Deep Retrofits

Identifying and presenting a Deep
Retrofit Opportunity

Identifying and presenting a Deep Retrofit Opportunity

Calculating Deep Retrofit

Calculating Deep Retrofit Value

The first course in the three-part series:

  • Defines deep retrofits and examine deep retrofit best practices
  • Examines how sustainability and energy efficiency create value beyond energy cost savings through higher levels of tenant demand, lower maintenance costs, increased sales revenues, and enhanced risk management
  • Previews the Deep Retrofit Value Methodology, an analytical model to determine whether a deep retrofit project could help you reach and exceed investment goals for a particular property

The second course in the three-part series:

  • Allows you to gain a more thorough understanding of Deep Retrofit Value Methodology
  • Examines each of the five deep retrofit value elements in detail
  • Helps you make a compelling business case for deep retrofits to owners, investors, and other stakeholders

The third course in the three-part series:

  • Quantifies what are often characterized as the “soft benefits” of sustainability
  • Demonstrates a discounted cash flow analysis on a deep retrofit project using a spreadsheet tool
  • Shows the hard numbers behind large-scale sustainability investments

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