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Investment Real Estate: Finance and Asset Management, Second Edition (795)
- Curriculum Support Material
Principles of Real Estate Management, 17th Edition (971-17) - Curriculum Support Material
Practical Apartment Management, Sixth Edition (784)
- Curriculum Support Material
Managing and Leasing Commercial Properties, Second Edition (791-2)
- Curriculum Support Material
Community Associations: A Guide to Successful Management (793)
- Curriculum Support Material
Before and After Disaster Strikes: Developing An Emergency Procedures Manual, 4th Edition (770)
Best Practices: Real Estate Management Service (785)
Transformational Leadership, Second Edition (859)
Marketing and Leasing: Retail (783)
Marketing and Leasing: Office Buildings (782)
Marketing and Leasing: Apartments (772)
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Likelihood of Adoption
Upon receipt of the complimentary copy, I agree to review your book and consider it for adoption. If I adopt the book, I will contact the bookstore and request that they order the book in sufficient quantity for my class. If this book is positively reviewed but not adopted, I agree to recommend it to the bookstore and/or library for purchase.
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