Cara Tripp - 2023-2024 Next Gen CPM Leader

    Cara Tripp, CPM Candidate

    Applications Transition Manager

    Cortland Management

    Decatur, Georgia

    Cara is a results-oriented professional with a proven track record of delivering excellence in property management, application support, and transition management. With her ability to analyze complex situations, drive process improvements, and foster collaborative relationships, she consistently achieves outstanding outcomes. Her dedication to continuous learning and a customer-centric approach sets her apart in the industry.

    Currently serving as an Applications Transition Manager at Cortland, Cara has spearheaded the formation of a high-performing team dedicated to facilitating transition processes and application implementation. She has excelled in monitoring tickets submitted by acquired site team members, leveraging this data to identify areas of improvement in RealPage applications training. Additionally, Cara has demonstrated her analytical prowess by building report metrics that substantiate the need for an enhanced training curriculum. Notably, Cara has been instrumental in continuously improving the conversion process for RealPage products such as OpsTechnology, RealPage Accounting, Online Leasing/Online Renewals, among others.

    Before joining Cortland, Cara served as a Property Manager at Greystar. She demonstrated a keen financial acumen by creating property budgets based on thorough analysis of historical data and market trends. Cara excelled in overcoming customer and resident objections through innovative thinking and effectively utilized revenue and expense databases to provide up-to-date financial models to senior-level management and investors. Additionally, she meticulously analyzed property-specific financial reports to measure monthly success and successfully drove sales goals by implementing comprehensive training and marketing strategies.

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