2021 IREM 30 Under 30 Recipient

    Noah Alexander


    Noah Alexander, CAM
    Resident Experience Manager
    Cortland, AMO®
    Atlanta, Georgia

    Noah started into multifamily operations at 19 years old with no intention of staying in the industry long term. After 6 months at Cortland, he realized that he had found his career. Fast forward three years later, and Noah continues to say, "choosing Cortland was one of the best decisions I made.” He attributes a great deal of his professional success to Cortland’s values, opportunities, and training. Throughout his 3 years at Cortland, Noah has been fortunate enough to work on various projects, in addition to his roles onsite. Initially, it was difficult for him to acclimate to working full-time, going to college, and trying to maintain a personal life, but said the experience has been well worth it. Noah is extremely grateful to have mentors and a great support system, so in an effort to pay it forward; he founded The Tint Project in January 2021. The Tint Project is a non-profit (501c3), a network-based platform providing pro-bono health care, internships, pro-bono housing and financial service resources, and scholarships to marginalized youth in metro Atlanta. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his two dogs, Stasi and Niko, traveling, and spending time with family. At only 22, Noah is honored to be named to IREM's 30 under 30 and looks forward to a long career in the industry.

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