Site Manager

    Site manager

    A site manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a single property. The title of site manager is most typically tied to the managers of residential properties, including apartment and condominium projects and homeowners’ associations. Site managers responsible for multifamily residential properties may be called on-site managers or, if they reside on the properties they manage, they may be referred to as resident managers. The site manager for an office building may have the title of building manager. Less common are site managers for retail properties.

    The site manager forms an essential link between the property’s tenants or residents and the property manager. Charged with responsibility for routine operations, the site manager typically is accountable for:

    Regional manager
    • Maintenance of the physical plant, ensuring that the property is properly maintained, and routinely inspecting the grounds and equipment to determine if repairs or maintenance are needed.
    • Dealing with technical operations, such as mechanical and electrical systems.
    • Marketing and leasing of the property, showing vacant space, negotiating and enforcing the terms of rental or lease agreements.
    • Tenant and resident relations, including handling requests for repairs and resolving complaints. For this reason, strong communication and people skills are required to perform effectively as a site manager.
    • Collecting rents and maintaining accurate records of property activity, including income and expenses, which enables the property manager to chart the financial performance of the property.
    • Supervising on-site staff, which generally includes maintenance personnel and contractors performing a variety of services to the property, as well as leasing agents.
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