New! IREM® Mixed-Use Course

    Managing, leasing, and marketing a mixed-use property can be complex, and the person managing these properties must have specialized knowledge and experience. To remain competitive, property managers need comprehensive training from seasoned mixed-use practitioners.

    As the only institute that transcends asset class by specializing in both residential and commercial property types, IREM is offering a brand new course – Managing Mixed-Use Properties – now available online! This course covers finance, marketing, leasing, operations, and human resources, while providing the tools and expertise necessary to successfully manage the day-to-day aspects of this unique segment of the market. It will also help you:

    • Understand mixed-use property types
    • Describe key considerations for managing mixed-use properties
    • Identify and meet owner’s goals and objectives
    • Navigate relationships among mixed-use entities
    • Manage all aspects of the mixed-use development
    • Lead and manage staff
    • Prioritize and complete daily tasks
    • Learn to speak owner, tenant, resident, and investor

    If you’re ready to speak owner, tenant, resident, and investor within this growing segment of the market, register today and gain the edge you need in this increasingly competitive field.

    IREM members can save up to $155! Not an IREM member? Join today to save.


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