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Enhance your teaching. Influence the industry. All for just $100.

Calling all college and university professors, program directors, and administrators – become IREM Academic Members today! Get access to IREM textbooks and instructional tools. Be able to draw on IREM research. And interact with leading professionals – all of which can infuse your teaching with fresh perspectives on the latest industry trends.

Membership benefits

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Property manager association for professors and teachers

Who should join?

Academic membership is a boost for:

  • Anyone who teaches property management and wants to enhance their courses with current industry insights.
  • Researchers who need access to key industry data.
  • Professors who want access to specialized textbooks and instructional tools on all aspects of property management.
Property manager association for professors and teachers

Top ways to maximize your membership

Enhance your own teaching with IREM textbooks, the instructional tools that go with them, and the perspectives of the professionals you’ll meet.

Stay on top of the latest industry trends and build your skills with IREM Accelerator courses and webinars.

Connect with an international community of real estate managers at chapter and national events, to extend your professional network.

Attend IREM chapter events, to share ideas one-on-one with industry professionals.

Attend the annual IREM Global Summit, IREM’s flagship event for education and networking, attended by members, firms, buildings and service providers.

Get your subscription to the Journal of Property Management, the industry’s leading magazine for real estate managers, included with your membership (a $62.95 value).

Access the latest research and whitepapers to bring new insights to your own research and publishing.

Discover all the benefits of Academic Membership

What academics say about IREM

“IREM has been a valuable resource for textbooks, marketing materials, professional designations, and networking opportunities for myself and my students. They’ve been involved with our University’s real estate management program since the very beginning, and have been instrumental in its growth and success to date. IREM helps me provide quality content and meaningful connections to the industry."

“Those just entering the field, mid-career professionals and senior executives can all find value in the programming and education resources IREM offers.”

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