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According to a recent national poll, 86% of hiring managers surveyed cited involvement in trade or industry associations as beneficial to an employee's career. Joining IREM signals commitment and dedication to your career that will be noticed by your future employer, and equips you with the knowledge and personal connections to give you a head start.

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As a Student Member you will:

  • Meet your future employer and connect with your peers at national conferences and your local IREM Chapter events.

  • Visit IREM Career Development for career information, job searching and interviewing tips, and industry salary tables.

  • Exchange ideas with leaders and industry experts in real estate management at IREM chapter meetings and national conferences.

  • Take advantage of valuable resources and members-only online forums.

  • Build your resume by participating in the IREM Foundation's student of the year contest and student essay competition. Student's have the opportunity to have their work published in our national journal and online.

  • Get member discounts on books, courses, conferences, and seminars.

  • Learn about the latest trends and issues by reading the Journal of Property Management (JPM ), the IREM Blog, and the Real Estate Management News e-newsletter.

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Join for $50!

  • Applicants must be full-time college or university students. 
  • U.S. applicants can apply online or download a fill-in PDF of the Student Member Application
QuoteI joined IREM as a Student Member. At my first event I met an IREM member who I am still in touch with this day; he has been a great mentor to me. Upon graduation, I landed a job working with a commercial management company and became a CPM Candidate. Being a member has been great for my career. I have no doubt that IREM will continue to serve me well as I advance my career in the real estate industry.
    -Jesse Smith, CPM
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