IREM Skill Badge: Asset Management – Loan Analysis

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Learn how to drive bigger profitability through debt servicing and lending analysis. Sign up for the IREM Skill Badge: Asset Management – Loan Analysis. Whether a loan is needed for refinancing, acquisitions, major replacements, or renovations, a real estate manager may be required to compare lending options in order to recommend the most advantageous loan structure and terms for clients.

After taking the course and passing the exam, you’ll earn the IREM Skill Badge: Asset Management—Loan Analysis to:

  • Learn about common loan types, including fully amortized/fixed rates, variable rate ARMs, interest-only, balloon, interim, mezzanine, floor-ceiling, gap, and secondary financing options
  • Examine fee structures including points, penalties, and lender participation
  • Calculate effective interest rates
  • See lending options from the lender’s point of view: lender criteria, risk vs. return, lender tests, LTV%, and more
  • Determine leverage position to identify property loans that meet investment goals
  • Conduct a break-even analysis

You’ll walk away with all of this and more through scenarios and practical examples.

For $99, you can send every member of your team who handles budgeting, accounting, and finance as well as capital expenditures, acquisitions, and risk management.

Course length:

This self-paced online course is approximately 3-6 hours and includes instructor video, text, and learning activities. The course is followed by a 50-question online exam

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