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Why is DEI important? DEI elevates properties and empowers careers. DEI can also increase revenue, attract and retain diversified talent and increase innovation at your company. Learn best practices in diversity, equity, and inclusion by earning the new IREM® Skill Badge: Building DEI.

At IREM, we believe in delivering a “welcome all” service experience—for your property, staff, tenants, and residents. By earning this skill badge, you’ll gain valuable insights into becoming a DEI champion. Learning new skills in DEI also mitigates financial risk for your company, which in turn, pays for itself.

For $29, you can invite every member of your team. 

After taking the course and passing the exam, Building DEI participants can:

  • Understand the dimensions of diversity, including
    • Race vs. racial identity
    • LGBTQ+ diversity
    • Gender and gender identity
    • Generational diversity
    • Disability and DEI
    • Overcoming biases
  • Know the difference between equality vs. equity
  • Achieve greater inclusion for residents, tenants, and staff
  • Integrate DEI into your policies & procedures
  • Become a DEI advocate and enhance your career

Choose DEI over biases. And achieve more of your company’s mission.

Course length:

This self-paced online course is approximately 4 hours, followed by the 50-question online exam.

Review our course policies and procedures page for further information

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