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All members of the property management team have a responsibility to serve the residents of the community, ensuring that all residents have full and equal use and enjoyment of the rental property and the facilities under the terms of their lease. This skill badge course provides an overview of how fair housing laws impact all aspects of property operations, from leasing to daily operations to lease termination, and the daily actions and decisions made when working with current and prospective residents.

Earning this skill badge requires taking the course and passing a 50-question online exam.

After taking the IREM Fair Housing Skill Badge course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of adhering to fair housing law
  • Identify federal protected classes and potential local protections
  • Describe statutes that govern protections from discrimination against disability at the federal level
  • Recognize the impact of fair housing on property operations and the resident life cycle
  • Analyze real-life scenarios to identify potential fair housing issues and determine the best course of action to avoid costly mistakes and remain in compliance with fair housing laws  

Course length:

This self-paced online course is approximately 4 hours, followed by the 50-question online exam.

Review our course policies and procedures page for further information

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