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Stunning homes in your single-family portfolio need savvy managers to oversee them. Expand your knowledge to achieve your owners’ short-term goals and deliver on their long-term objectives. By earning IREM’s newest Skill Badge: Managing Single Family Homes you will gain valuable skills to maximize NOI for owners and elevate the SFH lifestyle for residents.

Did you know that over 33% of U.S. rentals are now single-family homes? This Skill Badge covers the unique challenges and opportunities in this growing asset class. By completing this course and passing the short exam, you will take away new strategies to manage the property including: marketing best practices, leasing, maintaining the asset, managing risk, budgeting, and more.

We invite you to open the doors to a growing market of single-family home rentals and your long-term success.

Earn IREM’s Skill Badge: Managing Single Family Homes, and you will learn about:

  1. Managing the property to achieve the owner’s short and long-term objectives
  2. Marketing to attract and retain residents while positioning the property for peak performance
  3. Leasing to best serve current and future residents while administering the terms of the lease
  4. Maintaining the property for preventive, corrective, and deferred maintenance to preserve the asset
  5. Managing risk using four of the best ways to react to incidents and reduce risk
  6. Budgeting to expand your knowledge of financial reporting to maximize income and reduce expenses including: vacancy, repairs, and CapEx to deliver increased NOI for owners

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