Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis: Spreadsheet Application (Skills On-Demand)

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This session will utilize the IREM Financial Analysis Spreadsheet to discount future property cash flows to today’s value allowing the calculation of true market and investment value. Utilizing this financial tool and the concept of the time value of money, real estate expert David Domres, CPM, CCIM, will demonstrate how to:

  • Enter cash flows and future net sales proceeds and discount them to today’s value
  • Calculate market value based on cap rate
  • Calculate the value to a particular investor based on discount rate

This course also provides great preparation for students taking the Asset Management (ASM) Track and Management Plan Skills Assessment (MPSA). Please note that the IREM Financial Analysis Spreadsheet tool is free for IREM Members and available at a cost for non-members.

Review our course policies and procedures page for further information

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