Check on Your Strong Friends: Supporting Loved Ones and Enhancing Wellness

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While many people recognize the importance of mental health and wellness, many are less familiar with the specific strategies they can use to identify loved ones who may be struggling and how to support them. This session will discuss the importance of self-care and connectedness in enhancing wellness and the role we can all play in eliminating the stigma around mental health. Specific warning signs for suicide risk and concrete steps for safe and effective intervention will also be discussed. Bringing together science, personal experience, and best practices, the presenter will present a call to action to elevate mental health to the same importance as physical health in order to save lives and create lives worth living.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of self-care in ensuring personal wellness.
  • Be able to describe the factors that may indicate someone is at risk for suicide.
  • Be empowered to have conversations with friends and loved ones who may be struggling.

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