Wakening to WELLness - It is All About Goose Care

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The world is not short on information.  In fact, there are thousands of articles, blogs and books spanning the spectrum of wellness topics published each year.  What is often abbreviated is the application of the principles or as Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric would describe as self-reflection.

How many times do we think about prioritizing wellness, yet find ourselves drowning in paperwork or falling prey to someone else’s priorities?  Stephen Covey describes this as the P/PC theory (Production vs. Production Capability).  One cannot keep producing golden eggs if the goose doesn’t protect its well-being. 

Participants will explore the following outcomes:

  • Review the six dimensions of wellness
  • Investigate hidden traps that distract us
  • Reset our mental map through micro habits and the power of mindfulness
  • Build capacity by creating systems and processes that produce small wins 

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