Your Purpose, Your Path, Your Passion and Your Projects

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Have you ever been so hyper focused on climbing the ladder of success that you realized your ladder could be leaning against the wrong wall?  There is scientific evidence that supports when your strengths are aligned to your job, you experience greater success, have less stress, and find greater joy in your daily activities.  Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism emphasizes the importance of the vital few versus the trivial many.  Becoming an essentialist allows you to choose your projects that align with your vision and values.  This course explores strategies for identifying your strengths and using those key attributes to create a more rewarding and enriched life. 

Learning outcomes include:

  • Ways to identify individual strengths.
  • Create a customized strategy to design a rewarding career.
  • Techniques for minimizing distractions and tightening your mental filter.

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