Values-Driven Partnerships

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How do property managers and service partners create true value for themselves and the clients they serve?  The service sales process is truly flawed.  Property managers are forced to award business to the lowest bid.  Service partners are forced to play this low-bid-wins game.  The rules of the game keep the right service partners from being selected. Outcome = Lose / Lose.

When property managers define the right scope, ask the right questions and place the right value on the right service partners, then the contract can be awarded to the right, most cost-effective service partner, not simply the cheapest.  Outcome = Win / Win / Win

Invest 60 minutes of your valuable time to learn how property managers can discover how to intelligently value and select the right service partners for their properties.

Learning objectives:

  • Establish the basis for an exceptional service partnership
  • Articulate the precise results you are expecting
  • Ask the right questions to get the best information
  • Uncover the true value of the service partners you consider
  • Evaluate all service partners based on their true value
  • Level the playing field with a comprehensive comparison
  • Award the right business to the right service partner
  • Provide valuable debrief insights with those not selected

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