Excelling in the Age of Disruption: Unpacking Change Agility

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Every company is facing the profound changes wrought by disruption, and leadership has begun to realize that teams are fearful of what is coming around the bend. Data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence are changing the nature of forecasting, decision making, and the workplace itself. We have had a front-row seat to how these unprecedented shifts are affecting workers and the customer experience. The problem isn’t the problem; our relationship to the problem is the problem. In other words, we have many of the skills needed to handle what’s being thrown at us, but when faced with continual complexity, our survival instincts kick in. During mental panic to regain control, we fight, flee, or freeze. This course will inspire you to use your inner agility and lead with vision, empathy, and creativity.

Learning objectives:

  • Move from cruise control to active leadership
  • Dissect complex problems with advanced decision-making criteria
  • Learn the underappreciated art of active listening
  • Improve effectiveness through better questioning

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