EQ Over IQ: Emotional Intelligence Game Changer

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A leader’s emotions are contagious. Are yours worth catching?  If a leader demonstrates energy, commitment and enthusiasm, an organization can thrive; if a leader spreads negativity and dissonance, it can flounder.  Join us for an engaging course that discusses proven techniques that increase emotional intelligence and impacts the organization in powerful ways. Self-awareness allows a leader to use his or her strengths in a positive manner which can affect the team’s overall performance. Daniel Goleman, and other leading EI experts, have linked the value of emotional intelligence to consistent business outcomes across all industries. To be successful, it is critical that you understand yourself, and others. Bottom line: moods matter in the workplace and set the temperature for the team.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Assessing your own EQ
  • Developing a plan for emotional control
  • Creating an environment for self-actualization
  • Resources for strengthening EQ

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