Netweaving vs. Networking

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Networking is hardly a new concept; it’s been around as long as people have been exchanging ideas and information on a variety of subjects including introducing one another to opportunities. Networking as defined by Webster is to “interact with other people, to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career.”  Netweaving on the other hand is to establish common bonds with others to build upon the “collective genius” in order to gain momentum toward a particular goal or for a mutual cause.

The method in which one approaches networking or netweaving is influenced by their generation, experience and personality.  The additional layer of today’s hyper-connectivity creates both advantages and disadvantages in a world where relationships can be strengthened or destroyed by a click of a button. To some, networking is a business imperative and to others, it’s innate to a person’s DNA. To most, networking is both formal and informal and can result in long term value.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding generational approaches to networking
  • Debunking myths of networking
  • Overcoming barriers and increasing effectiveness in networking
  • Approaching networking for the long haul

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