Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

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One of the by-products of increased societal and organizational complexity has been the rise of conflict and chaos.  Often times, this is a result of consolidation or the blending of corporate cultures and experiences.  When managers are polled about their greatest challenge internally, the topic of conflict resolution appears at the top of the list.

On the other hand, if conflict or problems didn’t exist, we would probably stagnate or become numb to the opportunities that exist just under the surface.  All of us thirst for challenge, and in real estate, the more effective you are at solving problems or rising to the next challenge, the more opportunities come your way!  While most of us do not seek out problems – somehow, they find us – the reality is that we need those problems and conflicts.  They foster and enrich the person we are becoming.  Growth, however, does not occur neatly or without “pruning.” It must be managed.  The same is true with organizational conflict.  It must be reflected upon and managed. If swept under the rug, ignored, or not handled in an appropriate way, the work environment can quickly become a toxic wasteland.  Talent is wasted, emotions “electrocute” innocent bystanders, and everyone ends up experiencing an overall malaise.  The flip side of conflict resolution is creative tension and positive disruption that drives better processes and innovation.
To find out how to swing the pendulum in a more positive direction, this course is for you.  In an intensive hour you will learn:

  • Identify conflict pollutants in organizations
  • Explore conflict principles to build a cohesive team
  • Commit to conflict resolution strategies that foster collaboration

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