Habit Stacking: Routines, Rituals, Responses, and Rewards

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Ninety-five percent of our success is a result of our habits. Actions as simple as planning for the next day by listing the “Three Most Important Items to Accomplish Tomorrow” is a great way to create successful outcomes. People often express a desire to change but are not willing to change their thinking. Focusing on what really matters means having to say more “no’s” than “yes’s” so that our “YES” can be powerful and distinctive. When we shift from good to great, there will be times that we encounter pushback, conflicts, and difficult conversations. In our business, we are constantly reacting to emails, service requests and demands from our various constituencies.

This course will help us tackle the tough topics that allow us to become better versions of ourselves. Deep exploration will include:

  • Core principles for creating routines that can reboot your success
  • Strategies for identifying critical steps that eliminate redundancy
  • Essential elements necessary for identifying your gifts and making your best contributions
  • A checklist for self-coaching and crushing your inner critic

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