That Vacant Unit is Bleeding Money: Techniques to Decrease Turn Times (Skills On-demand)

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Every second an apartment home sits unoccupied costs your community and company money and is a strain on your communities’ profitability. Getting apartments ready faster is one of the most effective things you can start doing now to add more revenue to your bottom line!

Are you wondering how social distancing will affect your turn process and how to manage that process that has been traditionally all hands-on?

Don't miss this great opportunity to learn the proven, best-of-the-best tips, techniques, tools, strategies, and process improvements for turning vacant apartment homes into rent-ready moneymakers more efficiently than ever, even in unpredictable times.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify how to reduce turn costs and time spent in the apartment turn process
  • Review how tried-and-true procedures combined with the latest technology can increase productivity and efficiency
  • Discover some smart phone apps and customizable web-based make-ready and scheduling boards
  • Understand the impact the turn process has on the renewal process

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