Leveraging LinkedIn: Building a Network That Helps You Flourish

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The ability to build strong connections and a robust network can absolutely help you grow your skill set, career, and connections. LinkedIn is the largest professional network and has the power to help you scale your networking abilities—but how? In this engaging course, you’ll review how to navigate this popular platform and build a profile that gets noticed, and learn how LinkedIn can be a vital tool and resource across other areas of your organization, including marketing strategy, hiring, talent development, community partnerships and even reputation management.

LinkedIn is powerful and can lead you, your community, and your company to stronger performance. You just have to learn how to leverage it.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to create a LinkedIn profile that is professional and gets noticed
  • Explore how you can become an online industry thought leader through authoring LinkedIn articles, blog posts and more
  • Build your network in real time with an interactive course experience
  • Take a deeper dive into professional tools that can help you retain and attract talent, help identify new renters for your community, and level up your skillset or that of your team, so you're always in-the-know on industry trends
  • Grow your industry knowledge through connections with some of the industry's top performers and influencers

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