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Residents Behaving Badly

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Somehow every property has one or two residents that are always walking-the-line of eviction. These few residents consume most of the manager’s time with investigations, inspections, and sending out notices. Everything they do seems to be either a violation of the lease or cause a problem with a neighbor.

In this course, we will discuss some common problems when residents behave badly and give landlords some guidance on how to address the problems. Our discussion will include:

  • Refusal to Allow Access to the Apartment
  • Unauthorized Occupants
  • Unauthorized Pets
  • Damage to the Property
  • Bad Housekeeping
  • Noise Issues
  • Smoking Pot in the Apartment
  • And much, much, more

Learning Objectives:

  • Guide landlords on when and how to address behavior problems
  • Identify when behavior issues may become fair housing issues
  • Prepare landlords to defend their decisions

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