Mold Myths and Mysteries

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This course will include an overview of the current best practices for building-related mold assessments and on-going management in commercial and public buildings. A building manager has many challenges in operating and maintaining a healthy building. Those challenges include managing the potential for mold growth and other moisture-related issues. The dynamics of addressing indoor mold issues are directly related to the type of building, occupants in the building (mixed use), age of the building, specialized systems in the building, maintenance history, and the level of training for those maintaining the building. The goal of this course is to provide building managers with a better understanding of current issues and mysteries surrounding mold contamination within the built environment.

Learning objectives:

  • Provide building managers with the basic history and understanding of mold in the indoor environment
  • Outline what should be included in a quality mold assessment and how to select a competent professional
  • Provide an overview of current mold standards and regulations
  • Recognize the difference between a localized pipe leak compared to a chronic building-related moisture issue or flood
  • Develop an understanding of the proper work practices and procedures to remediate mold damaged building materials in an occupied building

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