Managing Cannabis Properties: Real World Examples From Real Managers and Owners

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Managing and maintaining a property with a cannabis tenant takes a village. Normally, buildings are designed to remove water, not create an interior sprinkler system to support indoor agriculture. When a massive electrical draw is added, extremely fragile and valuable products requiring the perfect environment can be dead within hours. Very small levels of contamination created by faulty engineering, misaligned construction, or slow management can lead to a devastating loss, not to mention the impact a cannabis tenant can have on surrounding businesses and the community. Where do property managers with limited or no experience go for education when they are thrown into managing properties with or around cannabis tenants?

Learning objectives:

  • Acknowledge environmental impacts. Ensure the proper construction and monitoring prevails when leasing or owning property utilized by the cannabis industry.
  • Consider the HVAC and electrical requirements. Managers and owners who understand the complex needs before leasing to a cannabis tenant yield different outcomes.
  • Anticipate the many risks. Liabilities related to cannabis tenants for landlord’s, managers, and owners of property should be understood at the beginning of the relationship.
  • Foresee zoning issues and opportunities. Profits have been made in abundance when properties are currently or converted to zoning for cannabis. Understand how real estate professionals located their opportunities and what the learned.

In Partnership with IREM Greater Denver and the National Real Estate & Cannabis Summit

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