Board Boot Camp: The Condensed Version

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The boards of common interest developments (CIDs) can be thrown into their volunteer roles with no training and very little guidance. They often need more assistance than busy managers can provide. Because of the all-encompassing and emotional character of CIDs, this lack of clarity often leads to dysfunction between boards, owners, and their managing agents. This course will give you tips on how to provide support and clarity through Board Boot Camp, which is tailor-made for CID governance. The outcome of Board Boot Camp is a customized management plan for CID clients.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about the current gaps in education for volunteer CID boards
  • Understand blurred lines between management and clients, and how to bring them into sharp focus
  • Learn the critical importance of communication in CID governance and management
  • Set up a governance structure that aligns with the objectives of a CID

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