Drones, Data and Property Management

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Property managers and real estate professionals know drones are an easy and safe way to inspect rooftops, facades, and parking lots. They’re a great way to reduce risk, enhance property quality, and improve overall value, regardless of geographic location, but only if you can take action on the data collected. Time and money are wasted by companies with large amounts of data and no process or method to turn imagery into action.

This course will delve into the best practices for leveraging drone-based imagery to optimize property maintenance. You'll also be introduced to various tools that can enhance your workflow, like AI anomaly detection, and can help create comprehensive systems of record, enabling you to streamline your property management and real estate operations and save money.

Learning objectives:

  • Review the benefits of using drones in property management and real estate operations
  • Establish best practices for utilizing drone-based imagery to optimize maintenance
  • Explore tools and techniques for improving workflows and creating comprehensive systems of record

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