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Property Tours Done Right

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You may find yourself on vacation with your email off and phone on silent—yet you’re still working. Working when you’re getting on the elevator of the hotel and notice the dirt in the threshold. Working when you notice the lifting concrete on the walkway as you go to the beach, or when you notice the inspection tag on the fire extinguisher has expired. Are you really working? The answer is no. But a key trait to being a great property manager is using the power of observation.
Property management is about seeing, reacting, and preventing. We need to be able to see what others do not. We need to be able to react to deferred maintenance and poor workmanship, and we need to be able to minimize risk. When we do a property inspection, we are really inspecting ourselves and our performance. This course will introduce you to the elements of doing property tours right.

Learning objectives:

  • Using your power of observation
  • Creating a checklist
  • Finding solutions
  • Preventing risk

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