Basic Misconceptions with Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Silica, PCBs and Other Hazards

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Building managers face many challenges when assessing and managing potential risks from hazardous building materials in the built environment. This course will provide an overview of many of the common and less common hazardous agents and their misconceptions in the 21st Century. Current regulations for the various hazardous agents will be reviewed with an overview of the various regulatory enforcement agencies for specific agents. Participants will also be provided an overview of sampling methods, regulatory and recommended compliance levels, how to manage hazardous building materials in your building, communication with stakeholders and guidelines on remediation. The goal of this course is to provide building managers with a general understanding of potential public health and regulatory issues related to hazardous agents, and how they should be addressed or managed in a typical office building or residential structure.

Learning objectives:

  • Provide building managers with the basic history of common hazardous agents
  • Identify the primary regulatory agencies and applicable regulations
  • Explain basic health effects for various agents
  • Review inspection/assessment and sampling protocols
  • Learn how to manage hazardous building materials in an occupied building
  • Recognize basic misconceptions with hazardous building materials

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