ESG for Property Managers: A Deep Dive into Environmental

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ESG, or “environmental, social and governance” principles and practices, is now acknowledged as a critical element of a successful real estate investment platform.  Although the market has been dealing with the environment component of ESG for over a decade, there are still aspects that continue to pose challenges for property managers.  On top of that, the demands and expectations of owners, tenants and government agencies are expanding beyond simple efficiency improvements.
This course will address some of the key aspects that property managers should incorporate as part of their ESG initiatives in order to be better positioned to meet today’s, and tomorrow’s, requirements. 

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how the role of ESG’s Environment component is evolving
  • Explore the drivers forcing property managers to expand their implementation of sustainable practices in their property operations
  • Identify appropriate applications and strategies to meet ownership objectives and legislative mandates
  • Recognize the value proposition of a comprehensive sustainability platform 

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