Rethinking Utilities: Managing a Mall While Conserving Water and Electricity

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As investors in real estate are increasingly examining the social and environmental returns on their investments, it is vital for property managers to understand the importance of these goals, how to evaluate the non-financial returns on their properties, and the low-cost (or no-cost) measures they can take to achieve sustainable returns on the assets under their management.

In this course, Jonathan Yee, general manager with Vestar Properties, explains what steps he’s taken to understand these non-financial goals and the steps (and missteps) he’s taken in trying to accomplish these goals while maintaining Tempe Marketplace, a world-class regional outdoor shopping mall in Tempe, AZ.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what ESG is and why it’s important to commercial property managers
  • Learn how to measure non-financial goals in commercial real estate
  • Discover simple ways to achieve sustainability at your property

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