Building Health in the Pandemic Era: Strategies and Certifications (On-Demand)

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COVID-19 has further proven how crucial it is to put individuals’ health, wellness, and safety at the forefront of everyday decisions and operations in real estate.?However, the conversation about health and wellness started long before the pandemic. Real estate professionals have embraced health and wellness in the buildings in which we work and live through implementing several best practices including?fundamental water quality, indoor air quality?testing and monitoring,?third-party verified?operational and health-focused?policies, stakeholder?collaboration, as well implementation of health and well-being?certifications. This course will discuss how health and wellness in buildings has evolved and adapted as a result of the pandemic. We will provide a high-level comparison of?health and wellness certifications, pandemic response programs, and comprehensive certification systems, including?well, WELL Health-Safety Rating, Fitwel, Fitwel Viral Response Module, IREM CSP and BREEAM In-Use USA.? We will provide guidance on key strategies to implement and the added benefits of pursuing these strategies and certifications. And lastly, we will discuss common challenges with streamlining policies and protocols across large and diverse real estate portfolios to create a successful pipeline of wellness building certifications that will promote a safe, healthy, and vibrant occupant experience, while adding value to assets.??

At the end of this course students will:

  • Understand the vital role of health and wellness in the very buildings in which we work and live
  • Understand best practices and strategies to implement to provide a healthy building environment
  • Understand green building certifications that emphasize health and wellness 
  • Understand the benefits of strategy and certification implementation
  • Understand how to prevent and overcome common challenges with the certifications 


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