An Owner's Guide to Implementing ESG Principles and Practices

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ESG, otherwise known as Environmental, Social and Governance principles, has become an important measure of a real estate investment manager’s success. Yet, many such managers, and their investor clients, may not fully understand what ESG actually entails. This session will provide a practical definition of ESG and explore the breadth of the ESG landscape as it pertains to real estate investments. Nicholas Stolatis, CPM®, has a long history of advocating for the integration of ESG principles as a best practice, and will offer compelling guidance for session participants to embrace the values and benefits of an ESG-driven investment philosophy.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how ESG fits into a real estate investment platform
  • Explore the external drivers that influence investment managers to pursue an ESG strategy
  • Determine the most practical and effective means to develop and implement an ESG strategy for your organization
  • Utilize performance metrics to track and report on progress towards ESG goals

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