The Power of Digital Twin

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As we continue to hear about so many revolutionary technologies impacting the world of real estate, Digital Twin is one technology that has more possibilities than any other to make a significant impact across numerous aspects of the industry. Its potential uses range from being able to increase sustainability by controlling CO2 emissions, to reducing maintenance costs related to facility management, to forecasting the highest and best use of every aspect of a building.

The huge potential of Digital Twin means that is considered the next stage of real estate innovation with both immediate and long-term benefits to numerous stakeholders. Please join James Scott, Lead Researcher from MIT’s Real Estate Innovation Lab who will showcase what a Digital Twin is, outline what changes we can expect in the coming years and what the true potential of this technology can be.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn what a Digital Twin is
  • Understand what impact and application it’s going to have across the real estate industry
  • Identify all of the potential possibilities this innovative technology can bring to the sector

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