Smart Home Technologies: More Than a Resident Amenity

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Smart home technology is more than just a resident amenity. To a resident, smart home technology starts as a device that delivers some savings, convenience, or safety, but to a property manager, it is a business tool that pulls everything together in a secure and reliable way. This informative course, presented by Sean Miller from PointCentral, focuses on home automation – what do you use, how do you benefit, and what do you want next?

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the similarities and differences of how property managers are using connected technologies across a property lifecycle
  • Learn the value of a smart home regarding operational efficiencies, asset protection, and resident amenities
  • Learn how smart home technologies lead to residents renewing their leases, and other opportunities to deliver higher valued incentives such as free utilities, freezing rent, and free access to services without hurting profitability

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