Everything You Know About Property Management Just Expired

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This is the truth about property management as we know it: It is full of endless administrative work, a constant struggle to stay compliant, and you working hard to account for every cent. None of which helps you to scale.

The price we pay for delivering excellent service, right? As long as the investor is happy.

Hang on, there's a smarter way, one that more and more savvy property managers in North America are using to build more efficient, faster-growing businesses. It just changed everything.

Join us as Louw Liebenberg, North American CEO of PayProp, helps us bust through the property management myths which are holding us back, and shows us all a better way forward.

Learning objectives:

  • Prevent growth plateaus and avoid the shrinking margin trap
  • Manage complexity the right way using automation
  • Understand what PropTech can do for you–and what it can’t
  • Break tasks down efficiently by understanding the feedback loops between banking, accounting, and property management
  • Write a new growth story without yesterday’s limits

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