Government Affairs Digest - June 2018

IREM Government Affairs Digest

News from HQ

Introducing the IREM Government Affairs Digest
Welcome to the first edition of the Government Affairs Digest (GAD)! The GAD will consist of news from IREM HQ, contributions from our volunteer leaders, and news articles dealing with various real estate management issues at all levels of government and all parts of the country.

In addition to those who opt-in, the newsletter will be distributed to members of the Legislative and Public Policy Committee, Executive Committee, Regional Vice Presidents, Chapter Presidents, Legislative Contacts, and IAEs on the last Tuesday of each month.

Please do not hesitate to reply to this email with any questions or suggestions for ways to improve the GAD.

IREM Congressional Briefing 
IREM will be hosting a luncheon on Capitol Hill for Members of Congress and their staff on July 11th. Legislative and Public Policy Committee Chair, Mindy Gronbeck, Federal Advocacy Board Chair, George Caruso, and Federal Advocacy Board Vice-Chair Debbie Prejeant will travel to Washington, DC to give presentations on drive-by ADA lawsuits, online sales tax, emotional support animals, and the National Flood Insurance Program.

U.S. Supreme Court Brings Parity to Sales Tax Treatment
The United States Supreme Court issued a ruling allowing states to require remote retailers to collect sales tax on purchases. IREM supports this decision to level the playing field by treating online and brick-and-mortar retailers equally, which has long been one of IREM’s priority issues. Full Article

Member Contributions

Making Legislation and Public Policy Sexy
By Mindy Gronbeck, IREM Legislative and Public Policy Committee Chair

I am not talking about House of Cards type of liaisons; I am talking about getting people EXCITED to participate on a local and national level on the issues that affect our properties. I want you to be PASSIONATE about things that can cause us problems on the properties that we manage. I want you to be knowledgeable and LOVE that IREM works extremely hard to ensure that we are watching everything that comes out of Capitol Hill and the state legislatures so you are well informed when it lands on your desk. And you didn’t think I could apply “sexy” terms to legislative and public policy? Full Article

Straight Talk About Pot Shops
By Don Wilkerson, 2018 IREM National President
The split between state and federal laws doesn't make it easy for CPMs to deal with marijuana-based businesses. Full Article

National News

Commercial Real Estate is Unprepared for Cyber Attacks 
Commercial — Data Security
Minnesota City Accused of Discriminatory Rental Ordinance 
Residential — Fair Housing 
Tax Law Typo Makes Renovations Pricier 
Commercial — Tax Reform 


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