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Search over 250 downloadable forms for residential, retail and commercial properties.

Commercial Forms Package
Commercial Forms Package
A compilation of nearly 100 form templates that commercial property managers can use for their day-to-day business operations.

Finance and Asset Management
Bank Account Reconciliation - Version 2
The second version of the Bank Account Reconciliation Form reconciles accounts and general ledger balances side-by-side. Keep information organized by building number, account number, and bank name. 

Check Register Statement of Disbursements
Follow and track disbursements with a check register. Arranged by check number and description, this form allows property managers to customize the list by month or by year.

Bank Account Reconciliation Form
A Bank Account Reconciliation Form helps reconcile deposits, withdrawals and expenses for efficient accounting. Simply start calculations with the latest account statement and unadjusted general ledger balance to figure out adjusted balances and to ensure that an account is in good order.

Collections Summary
A fundamental necessity to any property manager, the Collections Summary is a rental record of property income, tenant payments, deposits, delinquencies, and balances.

Benchmarking Expenses Spreadsheet
Want to view operating expenses for multiple properties all in one place?  Use this spreadsheet to consolidate operating expenses for up to 31 different properties.  It will calculate the totals for each expense category and automatically generate summary graphs for internal benchmarking purposes.

Corporate Capital Improvement Request
Record annual budgeting allotments with a capital improvement request.  The request documents information such as cash on hand, budgeted improvements, and description of improvements being requested.

Budget Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet performs budget and variance calculations based on monthly income and expense figures for the property. It also totals annual capital costs and tenant improvements.

Deposit Collections Summary
Log the details of deposit collections on a summary form. List the date and number of item received and log the amount and account information.

Capital Expenditure Budget
Use the Capital Expenditure Budget form to easily log annual expenditure by account number and item.

Financial Analysis Spreadsheet Toolkit
Looking for a user-friendly tool to perform financial analyses for your properties? The IREM Financial Analysis Spreadsheet performs cash flow analyses based on property performance and ownership goals and objectives.

Capital Expenditure Budget Actual Report
Log budgeted and actual capital expenditures by month and year to balance or explain variance.

Journal Entries
Keep track of bank accounts by documenting debit and credit transactions in this journal.  Log account activity by description, number, and ending period.

Cash Receipts & Disbursements
Track deposits and payments received and keep bank account balances in order with this convenient Excel form.

Operating Budget
This operating budget provides a detailed profile of incomes and expenses for a projected year. Calculate gross possible incomes, total actual collections, and operating costs.

Chart of Accounts, Commercial and Residential
A chart of accounts is important in organizing how a business handles money. The account items are classified by type of income or expense as well as by assets and liabilities, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Customize the commercial and residential chart of accounts to fit the needs of your business.

Purchase Order
Use a purchase order to invoice authorized purchases. Log the date of order, shipping instructions, and terms of purchase.

Chart of Accounts, Corporate
A chart of accounts is important in organizing how a business handles money. The account items are classified by type of income or expense as well as by assets and liabilities, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Customize the corporate chart of accounts to fit the needs of your business.

Purchase Order Log
Log all authorized purchases by order number. Document information such as issuance, vendor details, and order received date.

Human Resources
Annual Performance Scorecard
Use this customizable scorecard as an organized set of performance measures, grouped according to various aspects of performance.

New Hire Checklist
Use this checklist to ensure that your new hires receive all of the policies and procedures, insurance and benefits documents, and other new hire documents before they begin their job. 

Employee Termination Checklist
Get help ensuring that all necessary information is documented with an employee termination checklist. The list walks managers through paying wages and other monies due to the employee, and makes sure any business property in the employee's possession is returned to the employer upon termination.

New Hire References
As part of the hiring process, use this standard reference form to determine a job applicant's work performance history based on feedback from the applicant's previous employers.

Employee Termination Checklist - Version 2
Use this checklist to ensure you have completed all necessary tasks and that any business property in the employee's possession is returned upon termination.  Items on the checklist include COBRA letter, insurance benefits, monies due, and transfer of company manuals and communication devices.

Performance Evaluation
This eleven-page job performance evaluation enables the reviewer and individual  to assess and document the degree to which the individual has accomplished specified objectives from the previous review.  The evaluation includes descriptions of performance ratings and key areas in which the individual is assessed.

Employment Application
This five-page standard employment application contains all of the essential information you need to decide whether a candidate meets the minimum standard criteria for the job.

Rent Delinquency Log
Keep a list of late rent payments with this delinquency log. Document delinquency by tenant, suite number, and total missed payments.

Interview Evaluation Report
Log and note your impressions of a prospective employee with this Interview Evaluation Report. Rate an applicant on criteria such as work experience, education, and interview performance.

Select List of Recommended Performance Measures
Use this customizable form when setting performance goals and expectations for an employee.

Maintenance Technician Test
Customize this 75-question test to gauge maintenance technicians on their knowledge of basic maintenance skills.  It covers areas like plumbing, carpentry, electrical systems, painting, tools, etc. 

Background Investigation
Before accepting a prospective applicant, conduct a background investigation. This form authorizes and records background information such as a prospect's residential and credit histories.

Prospective Lessee Qualifications
It is important to have a proper evaluation when appraising prospective tenants. This customizable form includes a questions to help you think through the process and costs or a new business.

Commission Summary
Keep a history of commissions transactions and schedules. This form records and accounts for the collection and distribution of payments made by clients.

Rent Roll Collections Report
Use a rent roll to track rent received and collections. Log information by tenant and suite number, and calculate new balances.

Corporate Credit Application Information
When considering a new tenant, track your prospects background information with this Tenant Credit Information form. Record a tenant's credit rating and reference information to help decide approval status.

Rent Roll Collections Report
Use a rent roll to track rent received and collections. Log information by tenant and suite number, and calculate new balances.

Lease Abstract
This abstract provides a one-page overview of a lease's important details. Document lease space, base rent, and deposit information. Also, note additional comments or concerns effecting lease approval.

Rollover Schedule
Use the Rollover Schedule to track lease expiration dates. Log information by tenant and suite number.

Lease Standard Allowance
Compute and analyze standard leases allowances such as partitions and light fixtures. Other allowances include hardware and doors.

Space Acceptance Letter
This letter documents the acceptance by the tenant of the premises as described in a lease.

Lease Summation Report
Use a summation report to help administer a lease. This report details specific terms to be included in the lease and allows for the documentation of any modifications.

Tenant Control Sheet
Document a tenant?s lease agreement and any additional concessions granted with this Tenant Control Sheet.

Lease Transmittal and Checklist
This helpful form provides a checklist for duties related to transferring a lease. Collect tenant information, check off actions to be performed, and log contacts.

Tenant Credit Information
When considering a new tenant, do a background check with this Tenant Credit Information form. Record a tenant's credit rating and reference information to help decide approval status.

Leasing Activity Report
Summarize leasing inquiries and activities for a property with an activity report. Log active prospects, submitted proposals, and signed leases.

Tenant Lease Summary Form
Use this customizable lease summary to summarize the information needed to day-to-day operations of the property. This document included general information about the tenant, monthly rental rates, reimbursement, tenant responsibilities, and miscellaneous items.

Move-In Notice
This notice records move-in information for a tenant moving into a building. List tenant's contact information, parking and key distribution, and include any remarks or comments that need to be added.

Tenant Ledger
Keep a tenant ledger to detail a tenant's rent payment schedule and any additional costs owed. This form allows for charges made to be described, tracked, and balanced.

Move-Out Notice
Use this notice to document move-out information and procedures for tenants vacating a building. Information included in the documents covers lease and rent stop dates, landlord and tenant obligations, and forwarding addresses.

Tenant Space Requirements Questionnaire
This Tenant Space Requirements Questionnaire provides specific information about a prospect's space requirements. Information includes the prospect's contact information, general usage area specifications, and equipment needs.

Moving Notice
Document moving dates and procedures for tenants leaving a building space. This form provides schedules for delivering keys, tenant kits, and other information.

Maintenance and Risk Management
Bid Estimate Worksheet
Customize this Bid Estimate Worksheet for maintenance to fit management or service costs. It contains two worksheets for direct and indirect costs and includes columns for cost codes, types of cost, and additional notes.

Maintenance Request Log
Record tenant requests or inquiries on a documented log. Also track when work was requested, completed, and followed.

Construction Phasing Timetable
Customized and use this phasing table to detail a tenant's construction plans. The table records different projects and their projected time tables.

Maintenance Supply Inventory
Track ordered and delivered maintenance provisions and keep in-house records with this supply inventory. The inventory lists quantities in stock, used, and needed.

Construction Schedule Worksheet
Record and follow a tenant's schedule for a project from beginning to end. The Construction Schedule Worksheet charts a project at different time periods to describe and comment on work in progress.

Master Preventive Maintenance Frequency Schedule
Provide an overview of maintenance requirements during a one year period with this master preventive form. This document helps keep maintenance informed of what equipment needs to be serviced at different seasons and locations.

Construction Work Order
Use this construction work order to log information about the contractor, invoices, packages,correspondences, and the description of the work being issued. This 6 page document also includes a time log to log the contractor's hours and general conditions. Some of the conditions noted in this form are: performance of work, suppliers, insurance, application for payment, termination, warranty and so much more!

Office Building Exterior Inspection Report
Thoroughly inspect the outside of a building with the Office Building Exterior Inspection Report. This detailed checklist documents the external conditions of commercial and retail spaces upon vacancy.

Crime Report
Have a crime report form handy if an incident occurs on a property site. This in-depth form documents the victim's information and the specific details of the crime.

Office Building Interior Inspection Report
This in-depth checklist rates the internal condition of commercial and retail spaces upon vacancy. List and describe lobbies, doors, stairs, and windows as good, fair, or poor. Likewise, note repairs needed and their estimated costs.

Delivery and Pick-up Register
Have a delivery or pick-up register ready when couriers and packages arrive. A register allows an operator or security guard to document activities involved with delivering materials.

Physical Condition Checklist
Use this customizable document when inspecting the physical condition of a property. This checklist includes an indepth inspection of the property exterior, parking lot, landscaping, common areas, restrooms, stairwells, elevators, mechanicals, and much more. Uses this form to determine wether or not a property item is in excellent, good, poor, or unacceptable condition, along with comment!

Elevator Entrapment Procedure Checklist
Keep an uneasy situation under control with this entrapment checklist. The checklist walks through the procedures involved in handling elevator entrapment and logs information for maintenance purposes.

Preventive Maintenance Record
As a preventive record, this maintenance form logs maintenance requirements and sets up a repair schedule. Document and plan the terms for contract bids, maintenance to be performed, and payment dues.

Elevator Incident Report
Use an elevator incident report to track elevator incidents and their resolutions. Not only does this form describe what happened during a specific incident, but it also documents information from witnesses and mechanics.

Request for Bid Proposal
Customize this Request for Bid Proposal for Interiorscape Management and Maintenance to fit management or service needs. It includes sections such as instructions to bidders, general requirements, technical maintenance specifications, and a frequency chart.

Elevator Inspection
Inspect elevators for leveling, ride, and other functions with this Elevator Inspection Report. This document allows managers to inspect, comment on, and control a building's elevator operations as well as note any required repairs or adjustments.

Request for Bid Proposal For Exterior Landscape Maintenance
Use this customizable document when requesting contractors for a bid proposal on exterior landscape maintenance.

Floor Data Card
Use a floor data card to detail square footage allocations floor by floor. The card allows for rentable area, useable area and floor load calculations.

Risk Control Checklist
Minimize risk at a property by using a risk control checklist. The list covers areas from recordkeeping procedures and accident prevention to personal protective equipment and office safety.

High-Rise Evacuation Procedures
An important component of a safety program, these detailed high-rise evacuation procedures can be customized for a high-rise building and distributed to its tenants.

Safety Checklists
To help ensure safety at a property, use these safety checklists, which include checklists for Slip, Trip & Fall Prevention, Office Safety, Fire Prevention, Flammable Liquids, Emergencies, Fire Drill Evaluation Report, and GL Safety Audit/Inspection.

HVAC Unit Maintenance
Use this form to track the maintenance of the HVAC units at your properties. The form includes fields to enter data for the compressor, condensing fan motor, contactor, compressor maintenance, and fan motor maintenance.

Security Checklist
This security checklist consists of a comprehensive list of items to help identify problems and discover ways to better safeguard your property.  Items for consideration include windows, miscellaneous openings, key control, lighting, visibility and access, vandalism and theft protection, and alarms.

Inspection Checklist
This form provides a comprehensive inspection list for building operators. Collect and log administrative duties, contractual obligations, tenant relations, maintenance services and more.

Security Guards' Daily Report
Logs any incidents that occur during security shifts.

Insurance Policy Analysis Form
Use this form to document and analyze exactly what is covered in an insurance policy, such as what the policy covers, people and/or property insured, limits of liability, and losses that are excluded from the policy.

Service Contract Evaluation Form
This evaluation form details service contract agreement terms with various vendors. Options outlined include contract expiration dates and cancel actions.

Janitorial Survey
Survey the interior and exterior conditions of a property. Document the physical state of entrance areas, floor conditions, and general cleaning.

Space Analysis Tenant Requirements Questionnaire
Log tenant space requests and needs on a space analysis sheet. Cover comprehensive details such as conference room, reception area, and parking needs.

Key Distribution Record
Keep track of key distribution on a record. Customize this key distribution record to track the issuance and return of keys within a property.

Space Planning Services Schedule
Schedule space planning activities with this detailed checklist. Service procedures covered in the list include tenant visits, construction planning, and final inspection comments.

Landlords Notice of Substantial Completion
Document the completion of space rehabilitation and occupancy. Use this substantial completion form to notify a tenant that work on a unit has been completed and that a move-in date can be effectuated.

Stockroom Usage Control
Control how parts and equipments from the stockroom are used. Keep a log of materials taken by employees for use in a suite and track quantity as well as item number.

Liability Accident Notice
Detail the circumstances and damages surrounding an accident. This one page notice documents any information needed to follow-up on an incident and includes accident descriptions and witness statements.

Tenant Construction Cost Estimates
Itemize repair work and costs for work on a tenant's suite or office. Costs estimates are based on a comprehensive list of items such as wall and floor covering, interior partitions, and architectural design.

Loss Report Form
In the event of injury or property damage, document the details on this loss report form.

Tenant Move-In Checklist
Keep a tenant move-in checklist to facilitate operations. This form helps document the dates that a tenant received correspondences, forms, packets, and other important information.

Maintenance Record
Keep a history of a unit's repairs and services with a maintenance record. This form can be used to record the date and description of work as well as any remarks or comments remaining.

Work Letter Agreement
Customize this work letter agreement, as an addendum to the lease, to detail all the work to be done for the tenant by the owner.

Managing the Management Company
10 Days Past Due Letter
Take the first step towards collecting late rent with this template letter. Inform and remind tenants of their lease default, and offer a contact number to call should they have any questions or concerns.

New Account Check List
Use this customizable takeover check list to help the transfer of specific information and records to an appropriate administrative system.

Calculating Property Square Footage
Form Use this customizble spreadsheet template to determine the per square foot numbers for an entire property and for each tenant for their base rents, CAM, insurance, and taxes based upon their square footage and base rent.

Office Building Field Research Worksheet
To ensure the consistency of a comparison grid it is a good idea to complete a field research worksheet for each building. This customizable worksheet includes space to identify buildings (building type, size, location, etc.), ownership and management, and contact personnel.

Code and Local Law Compliance Summary
Stay on track and keep a summary of local and code law compliances. From elevator inspections to antenna permits, this form helps managers keep a listing of actions that have taken place and those that need to be done.

Office Building Notification Letter
To ensure the consistency of a comparison grid it is a good idea to complete a field research worksheet for each building. This customizable worksheet includes space to identify buildings (building type, size, location, etc.), ownership and management, and contact personnel.

Collections Summary
A fundamental necessity to any property manager, the Collections Summary is a rental record of property income, tenant payments, deposits, delinquencies, and balances.

Proof of Service
This form is a proof of service that is applicable to serving a 3-day notice to a commercial tenant

Commercial Property Management Account Take-Over Checklist
This ten page document provides an in-depth checklist for assigning take-over responsibilities for a commercial property management account.

Property Takeover Financial Documentation Checklist
These comprehensive checklist aides in financial procedures associated with taking over a property.  Some of the operations included in the form are rent rolls, general ledgers, leases, and deposits.

Commercial Property Management Account Termination Checklist
This five page checklist assigns and dates procedures for terminating a property management account. Responsibilities and procedures include, but are not limited to, accounting functions, tenant duties, and personnel.

Sales Volume Report
Use this customizable spreadsheet to record each tenant's sales report on a cumulative sales volume report. This easy to edit sales report is a helpful tool when comparing tenant's month-to-month sales over a period of five years.

Cost-Plus Management Pricing Form
Use this spreadsheet tool to determine the total cost for third-party management. The form takes into account the cost of service for property managers, property management company executives, accountants, and clerical services.

Severely Past Due Letter
Contact a tenant severely past due on rent with this template letter. The letter formerly states the lease article in default and requests immediate payment.

Customer Survey Questionnaire
To keep up with ever changing population, evolving tastes, and new competition, it is important to survey your shopping center customer. Use this customizable survey to probe customers on advertising and promotions, leasing and tenant mix, management and operations, frequency of shopping and the competition.

Tenant Estoppel Certificate
Use this tenant estoppel certificate to ensure that certain facts pertaining to the tenant's lease with its landlord are true. This certificate gives assurance to the purchaser of a property or lender that the lease is in full force and effect, that a certain amount of rent and security deposit have been pre-paid, and that the landlord is not in default of any landlord obligations under the lease.

Lease Proposal - Generic
Customize this general lease proposal for an office building or retail property.  This two-page proposal outlines the terms and conditions for completing a lease, including the base rent, additional charges, option details, security deposit, details of use, commencement date, insurance, utilities, and HVAC.

Tenant Survey - Version 1
Encourage resident feedback with a tenant survey. This survey allows tenants to comment on management, thus helping managers to evaluate their team.

Leasing and Management Proposal for Office Building
This sample proposal addresses a client's request for leasing and management services for two office buildings.  The proposal contains sections such as a proposal letter, property analysis, references, organizational charts, administrative costs, and inspection report.  

Tenant Survey - Version 2
Give tenants the option to rate their satisfaction levels for a variety of building items and services. The survey provides for appearance, safety, and management evaluations.

Management Assumption Checklist Existing Building
This seven page checklist outlines duties for managers taking over an existing property. The checklist covers categories such as corporate administration, property transition, and operations.

Tenant's Sales Report
Use this customizable sales report to unify tenant's monthly sales reports, collected on a quarterly basis.

Medical Center - Emergency Information Survey
Use this customizable questionnaire to survey medical office building tenants' about their needs during an emergency, as well as request their work schedule. This 2 page document includes a memo for emergency procedures and internal plans, a 10 question survey, and a chart to document tenant schedules.

Building Analysis
Document the condition and features of a given property in order to conduct an initial building analysis. Use this form to evaluate and rate the overall structural, mechanical, and functional state of a building site.

Leasing Prospects Report
FormsUse this leasing prospects report to outline the status of each property prospect. This customizable form includes useable space, the date a space was shown, contact information, type of business, rent quoted, status remarks, and so much more!

Building Data Sheet
Use this Building Data Sheet to help assess the floor-by-floor usage allotment of a property. Features included as data are a floor's usable, common and rentable areas, as well as its floor load factor.

Marketing Activity Report
FormsKeep the client informed of leasing activity by documenting activity in the customizable report. Document showed space, proposals sent and received and Leasing of Intent (LOI).

Commercial Comparison Grid
Evaluate a subject property to comparable properties on a feature-to-feature basis in order to set appropriate rental rates. Compare and contrast items such as location, building conditions, available space, amenities and effective

Marketing Schedule
Use a marketing schedule to plan projects and their budgets. Schedule and coordinate brochures, advertisements, public events, and more.

Commercial Prospect/Guest Card
A Commercial Prospect/Guest Card allows for an organized way to track future clients. Document potential resident/tenant visits and detail their specific property interests or needs.

Office Building Research Worksheet
Create an overview of a building's tenants and characteristics with this worksheet. Use tenant, service, and facility descriptions to analyze criteria such as rent and desirability.

Exclusive Leasing Commissions Agreement
FormsUse this customizable form to negotiate the terms of a leasing agreement. This 6 page document includes the following negotiated items: amount of the commission, incentive commissions, indemnity, term/termination, timing of the payment of the commission, and so much more!

Shopping Center Survey Form
Use this customizable survey form to help conduct a market survey and collect necessary comparison data. This form includes space for information on the size of the shopping center, number of shopping spaces, vacancies, deal making rental rates, passing-through charges, shopping center conditions, and location.

Executed Lease Negotiation
FormsAfter you have executed your lease use this customizable form to document tenant information, security deposit information, rent, commission and TI allowance.

Yield Analysis Form
FormsWith the yield analysis form you can analyze the economics of a new lease. This customizable form helps you decide if a lease makes economic sense and if it meets the owner's minimum requirements. The top portion of this form lets you document summarized lease information. Use the bottom portion of this form to calculate the annual yield analysis.

Leasing Action Plan
FormsA Leasing Action Plan allows you to document leasing information. Use this customizable form to document current tenants and rent, new tenants, new rent, costs, begin dates, and square footage.

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