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Residential Forms

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Finance and Asset Management
Annual Budget (NOI Format)
Customize this NOI form to budget for a full year. The form includes space to document estimated incomes and expenses (i.e. gross potential rent income, vacancy loss, management fees, etc.).

Corporate Capital Improvement Request
Record annual budgeting allotments with a capital improvement request.  The request documents information such as cash on hand, budgeted improvements, and description of improvements being requested.

Bank Account Reconciliation - Version 2
The second version of the Bank Account Reconciliation Form reconciles accounts and general ledger balances side-by-side. Keep information organized by building number, account number, and bank name. 

Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy
Use this collection policy document to inform owners of the collection process, times and dates, and the process for delinquent collections.

Bank Account Reconciliation Form
A Bank Account Reconciliation Form helps reconcile deposits, withdrawals and expenses for efficient accounting. Simply start calculations with the latest account statement and unadjusted general ledger balance to figure out adjusted balances and to ensure that an account is in good order.

Deposit Collections Summary
Log the details of deposit collections on a summary form. List the date and number of item received and log the amount and account information.

Capital Expenditure Budget
Use the Capital Expenditure Budget form to easily log annual expenditure by account number and item.

Financial Analysis Spreadsheet Toolkit
Looking for a user-friendly tool to perform financial analyses for your properties? The IREM Financial Analysis Spreadsheet performs cash flow analyses based on property performance and ownership goals and objectives.

Capital Expenditure Budget Actual Report
Log budgeted and actual capital expenditures by month and year to balance or explain variance.

Journal Entries
Keep track of bank accounts by documenting debit and credit transactions in this journal.  Log account activity by description, number, and ending period.

Cash Receipts & Disbursements
Track deposits and payments received and keep bank account balances in order with this convenient Excel form.

Operating Budget
This operating budget provides a detailed profile of incomes and expenses for a projected year. Calculate gross possible incomes, total actual collections, and operating costs.

Chart of Accounts, Commercial and Residential
A chart of accounts is important in organizing how a business handles money. The account items are classified by type of income or expense as well as by assets and liabilities, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Customize the commercial and residential chart of accounts to fit the needs of your business.

Purchase Authorization
Use a purchase authorization form to detail specific information regarding the supply and purchase of equipment. This form allows managers to document apartment and vendor information, as well as record when purchases were delivered. 

Chart of Accounts, Corporate
A chart of accounts is important in organizing how a business handles money. The account items are classified by type of income or expense as well as by assets and liabilities, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Customize the corporate chart of accounts to fit the needs of your business.

Purchase Order
Use a purchase order to invoice authorized purchases. Log the date of order, shipping instructions, and terms of purchase.

Check Register Statement of Disbursements
Follow and track disbursements with a check register. Arranged by check number and description, this form allows property managers to customize the list by month or by year.

Purchase Order Log
Log all authorized purchases by order number. Document information such as issuance, vendor details, and order received date.

Collections Summary
A fundamental necessity to any property manager, the Collections Summary is a rental record of property income, tenant payments, deposits, delinquencies, and balances.

Human Resources
Employee Termination Checklist
Get help ensuring that all necessary information is documented with an employee termination checklist. The list walks managers through paying wages and other monies due to the employee, and makes sure any business property in the employee's possession is returned to the employer upon termination.

Job Description - Maintenance II
Customize this job description for a maintenance II mid-skill level technician at a residential property. The form includes descriptions for skills and knowledge, summary of functions, and major duties and responsibilities.

Employee Termination Checklist - Version 2
Use this checklist to ensure you have completed all necessary tasks and that any business property in the employee's possession is returned upon termination.  Items on the checklist include COBRA letter, insurance benefits, monies due, and transfer of company manuals and communication devices.

Job Description - Maintenance III
Customize this job description for a maintenance III high-skill level technician at a residential property. The form includes descriptions for skills and knowledge, summary of functions, and major duties and responsibilities.

Employment Application
This five-page standard employment application contains all of the essential information you need to decide whether a candidate meets the minimum standard criteria for the job.

Job Description - Regional Property Manager
Customize this job description for a regional property manager. The form includes descriptions for qualifications, summary of functions, and major duties and responsibilities.

Interview Evaluation Report
Log and note your impressions of a prospective employee with this Interview Evaluation Report. Rate an applicant on criteria such as work experience, education, and interview performance.

Maintenance Technician Test
Customize this 75-question test to gauge maintenance technicians on their knowledge of basic maintenance skills.  It covers areas like plumbing, carpentry, electrical systems, painting, tools, etc. 

Job Analysis
Use this customizable guide to assist conducting job analysis for a company at large or even at the property site through interviews, observations, or questionnaries.

New Hire Checklist
Use this checklist to ensure that your new hires receive all of the policies and procedures, insurance and benefits documents, and other new hire documents before they begin their job. 

Job Description - Assistant Apartment Manager
Customize this job description for an assistant apartment manager. The form includes descriptions for skills and knowledge, summary of functions, and major duties and responsibilities.

New Hire References
As part of the hiring process, use this standard reference form to determine a job applicant's work performance history based on feedback from the applicant's previous employers.

Job Description - Maintenance I
Customize this job description for a maintenance I technician at a residential property. The form includes descriptions for skills and knowledge, summary of functions, and major duties and responsibilities.

Performance Evaluation
This eleven-page job performance evaluation enables the reviewer and individual  to assess and document the degree to which the individual has accomplished specified objectives from the previous review.  The evaluation includes descriptions of performance ratings and key areas in which the individual is assessed.

Acceptance of Rental Unit
Record and outline a new tenant's acceptance of a rental unit with this detailed document. This "walk-through" template covers the condition of all rooms and notifies the tenant of any deadlines for completion.

Notice of Non-Renewal of Lease
Customize and use this lease notification to notify tenant's of their non-renewal. This notification allows you to document and customize your tenant's non-renewal to your needs.

Background Investigation
Before accepting a prospective applicant, conduct a background investigation. This form authorizes and records background information such as a prospect's residential and credit histories.

Pet Agreement
Agree to pets in writing.  This agreement documents the conditions under which tenants may have pets, and details any deposits or fees per animal.

Bimonthly Auto Rent Payment Agreement
Use this Excel document to authorize bimonthly rent deductions from a banking institution.  This form allows for automatic rent payment based on the terms outlined in a lease.

Pet Lease Addendum
The Pet Lease Addendum amends a tenant's lease to add a pet.  Like a pet agreement, the addendum outlines any conditions or fees associated with having a pet in a rental unit.

Condominium Proxy - HOA
This Condominium Poxy is a useful form to customize and document a person who is unable to attend an annual election.

Pre-Lease Notification
Prepare for new tenants moving in by reminding existing tenants of their expected move-out date.  This form notifies residents of when new people will be moving into the unit. 

Corporate Credit Application Information
When considering a new tenant, track your prospects background information with this Tenant Credit Information form. Record a tenant's credit rating and reference information to help decide approval status.

Rent Concessions Addendum
Customize and use this rent addendum to outline apartment lease agreements. Attatch the addendum to the lease and account for all signatures as a record of agreement.

Drug and Crime Free Policy for Employees
Ensure a safe and efficient work environment by having employees acknowledge receipt of this drug and crime free policy.

Rental Application
Customize this standard rental application for prospect tenants. Information collected on the form includes reference checks, previous resident addresses, and credit or income verification.

Drug Free Housing Addendum
Customize this lease addendum for drug free housing. The tenant should sign off on this statement and agree not to engage in drug-related criminal activity on or near the property.

Rental Reference Verification
Verify a prospective tenant's references with this verification form.  Check a tenant's rental history, compliance with building rules, and whether or not a former landlord would rent again.

Early Termination of Lease Addendum
Document early termination procedures and consequences with this Early Termination of Lease Addendum.  The addendum serves as a template outlining timeframes for notice of termination and any fees involved with the process. 

Roommate Lease Addendum
Document the addition of a person to a lease with a roommate addendum.  This addendum lists arrangements for security deposit and for an exiting tenant.

Employee Lease Addendum
Provide a lease addendum for employees who reside at the properties where they work.  This addendum outlines special provisions and concessions.

Roommate Responsibility Agreement
When a new roommate signs a lease, attach a responsibility addendum to clearly outline any agreements.  This forms documents the agreement of a person added to a lease to the provisions set forth in the original lease agreement.

Last Month Rent Addendum
Customize and use this rent addendum to outline last month's rent procedures.  Attach the addendum to the lease and account for all signatures as a record of agreement.

Sample LIHTC Application
This form is a sample LIHTC tenant application. Use this customizable form to help you determine a tenant's qualification. This document includes 7 sections inquiring about family composition, income, assets, employment history, landlord references, general information, and current place of residency/emergency contact information.

Lead Warning Statement
Provide tenants this lead warning statement for any buildings built before 1978.

Security Deposit Agreement
Record the terms and conditions for a security deposit with this Security Deposit Agreement. Use the agreement as a template, and customize it for amount figure and release terms at move-out.

Lease Transmittal and Checklist
This helpful form provides a checklist for duties related to transferring a lease. Collect tenant information, check off actions to be performed, and log contacts.

Security Deposit Release
Use this form to release a security deposit to a tenant at move-out. The release form lists the original amount of deposit, time it was held, and includes payment of any interest accrued.

Military Lease Addendum
This Military Lease Addendum documents special lease provision for military personnel. Attach the addendum to the back of a lease in times of national security and alert to comply with the Set Aside Housing Program.

Smoke Detector and Insurance Lease Addendum
By signing this addendum, residents acknowledge the fact that there is a smoke detector installed in their unit. The statement also specifies that the tenant must obtain a homeowner insurance policy.

Mold Addendum
Keep track of key distribution on a record. Customize this key distribution record to track the issuance and return of keys within a property.

Storage Bin Agreement
Document the terms and agreement for tenant use of a property's storage bins.  This agreement highlights the conditions to leasing the bin and the leasing renewal.

Monthly Auto Rent Payment Agreement
Use this Excel form to authorize automatic monthly rent deductions from a banking institution.  The agreement records a residents financial institution and unit information, as well as documents rent payment and deduction authorization.

Transfer Request
Document a tenants request for transfer between properties and log tenant history with this Transfer Request. The request records where the tenant wants to transfer, the reason for the move, and if any medical verification is submitted.

Move-In Checklist
Keep a move-in checklist at hand to facilitate the move-in process. This document offers a comprehensive list of procedures a property should meet before a new tenant moves into a unit. Some of the operations recorded on the checklist include charges and collections, lease addendum acknowledgments, and key distributions.

Unit Availability Report
This Unit Availability Report will help track your which buildings/apartments you have or don't have available.. This reports let's you mark the building number/unit, location, apartment size and layout, dates vacated, and dates made available. This report also lets you log notes and promotions

Move-Out Checklist
Initial and date move-out processes on this Move-Out Checklist. Procedures covered in this document include notices delivered and received, inspections, and deposit dispositions.

Maintenance and Risk Management
Apartment Exterior Inspection Report
Use an inspection report to document the external condition of a residential property. Chart the character and state of a building's grounds, structure, and other general areas.

Maintenance Record
Keep a history of a unit's repairs and services with a maintenance record. This form can be used to record the date and description of work as well as any remarks or comments remaining.

Apartment Interior Inspection Report
This inspection report covers the internal condition of rental units in a residential building. Check the conditions of an apartment's doors, floors, and closets upon a vacancy, and note any repairs that need to be preformed.

Maintenance Request Log
Record tenant requests or inquiries on a documented log. Also track when work was requested, completed, and followed.

Building Register
Logging visitors as they enter a building is an important safety measure for any property.
This Building Register identifies people entering or leaving a building after working hours during the week, weekends, and holidays.

Maintenance Supply Inventory
Track ordered and delivered maintenance provisions and keep in-house records with this supply inventory. The inventory lists quantities in stock, used, and needed.

Certificate of Resident Acknowledgement Concerning Asbestos
Be informative and give your residents information regarding asbestos and safety procedures. This certificate outlines a comprehensive list of "do's and don'ts" for apartments containing asbestos, and provides property managers with resident acknowledgement.

Maintenance, Repair, Replacement Matrix - HOA
Use this spreadsheet to help record maintenance, repairs, and replacements of the common grounds and your building. This customizable spreadsheet provides a list of common grounds and buildings, a place to mark whether it was maintenance, repairs, or replacement, and comments.

Claimant-Witness Statement
Record the details of an injury or property damage with this Claimant-Witness Statement. The Statement documents a description of the incident and the actions taken by management to rectify the situation.

Master Preventive Maintenance Frequency Schedule
Provide an overview of maintenance requirements during a one year period with this master preventive form. This document helps keep maintenance informed of what equipment needs to be serviced at different seasons and locations.

Construction Phasing Timetable
Customized and use this phasing table to detail a tenant's construction plans. The table records different projects and their projected time tables.

Painters Checklist
Use this customizable checklist to log the routine maintenance items of the painting of a property, apartment, or condo. This checklist includes items to be done to successfully paint or repaint the walls, ceiling, baseboards,kitchen, utility room , and so much more! Now you can keep track of your maintenance painting in one checklist!

Construction Schedule Worksheet
Record and follow a tenant's schedule for a project from beginning to end. The Construction Schedule Worksheet charts a project at different time periods to describe and comment on work in progress.


These permit cards authorize individuals to access or remove items from a suite or an office space. Simply print out the form, customize the cards and give to security personnel.

Crime Report
Have a crime report form handy if an incident occurs on a property site. This in-depth form documents the victim's information and the specific details of the crime.

Preventive Maintenance Record
As a preventive record, this maintenance form logs maintenance requirements and sets up a repair schedule. Document and plan the terms for contract bids, maintenance to be performed, and payment dues.

Delivery and Pick-up Register
Have a delivery or pick-up register ready when couriers and packages arrive. A register allows an operator or security guard to document activities involved with delivering materials.

Punch List
This in-depth punch list provides for the documentation of a property's interior state and establishes a maintenance schedule. Areas covered in the list include reception, rest rooms, and corridors.

Elevator Entrapment Procedure Checklist
Keep an uneasy situation under control with this entrapment checklist. The checklist walks through the procedures involved in handling elevator entrapment and logs information for maintenance purposes.

Request for Bid Proposal
Customize this Request for Bid Proposal for Interiorscape Management and Maintenance to fit management or service needs. It includes sections such as instructions to bidders, general requirements, technical maintenance specifications, and a frequency chart.

Elevator Incident Report
Use an elevator incident report to track elevator incidents and their resolutions. Not only does this form describe what happened during a specific incident, but it also documents information from witnesses and mechanics.

Resident Emergency Information Request
Use this customizable form to request emergency information from a resident. The form includes questions asking their name(s), age(s), gender(s), need special assistance, and so much more!

Elevator Inspection
Inspect elevators for leveling, ride, and other functions with this Elevator Inspection Report. This document allows managers to inspect, comment on, and control a building's elevator operations as well as note any required repairs or adjustments.

Residential Property Inspection Report
Records condition, specific work to be done, cost of repair work and next inspection date for all major components of a property.

Emergency Contact Numbers
As a comprehensive list of a property's emergency contact numbers, this list is handy to post in a building's management office. Listings include essential agencies such as police and fire departments, and useful numbers such as electricians and lawn maintenance.

Risk Control Checklist
Minimize risk at a property by using a risk control checklist. The list covers areas from recordkeeping procedures and accident prevention to personal protective equipment and office safety.

Emergency Incident Report
Customize and use this emergency incident report to quickly report and emergency. The form includes name and address for the person reporting the incident, date and time incident is reported, contact information or any witnesses, person(s) involved, what authorities were called, and so much more!

Safety Checklists
To help ensure safety at a property, use these safety checklists, which include checklists for Slip, Trip & Fall Prevention, Office Safety, Fire Prevention, Flammable Liquids, Emergencies, Fire Drill Evaluation Report, and GL Safety Audit/Inspection.

Field Report - HOA
Use this form to log information about the project, date, location, who the contractor is, what work is in progress, observations, who you meet with, and who prepared the report.

Security Checklist
This security checklist consists of a comprehensive list of items to help identify problems and discover ways to better safeguard your property.  Items for consideration include windows, miscellaneous openings, key control, lighting, visibility and access, vandalism and theft protection, and alarms.

High-Rise Evacuation Procedures
An important component of a safety program, these detailed high-rise evacuation procedures can be customized for a high-rise building and distributed to its tenants.

Security Guards' Daily Report
Logs any incidents that occur during security shifts.

Housekeeper Checklist
Use this customizable checklist to log the cleaning information of the interior of a property, apartment, or condo. This 3 page checklist includes cleaning for front door entry, back door entry, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, den, washer and dryer, and so much more! Now you can keep track of your interior cleaning in one checklist!

Standard Property Inspection
Use this standard property inspection to evaluate and rate a property on curb appeal, leasing, amenities, services, product readiness, maintenance, safety, administration, and finances. This customizable form allows you to rate and comment on each section and its subsections, as well as inspect on individual units.

HVAC Unit Maintenance
Use this form to track the maintenance of the HVAC units at your properties. The form includes fields to enter data for the compressor, condensing fan motor, contactor, compressor maintenance, and fan motor maintenance.

Stockroom Usage Control
Control how parts and equipments from the stockroom are used. Keep a log of materials taken by employees for use in a suite and track quantity as well as item number.

Incident Report
Record the details of an incident that occurred on property grounds with this detailed Incident Report. The report provides for information on the victim, from witnesses, and the police. It also documents what measures and actions were taken to investigate the incident and what could be done to prevent future occurrences.

Tenant Emergency Procedures
Use this customizable procedure form in the event of an emergency. This 9 page document includes procedures for medical emergencies, fire procedures, severe weather, hurricanes, bomb threats, and more!P>

Insurance Policy Analysis Form
Use this form to document and analyze exactly what is covered in an insurance policy, such as what the policy covers, people and/or property insured, limits of liability, and losses that are excluded from the policy.

Unit Make-Ready Report
Guide and prepare staff as they inspect and repair a vacant unit with a make-ready report. The report includes information on windows, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and more.

Key Distribution Record
Keep track of key distribution on a record. Customize this key distribution record to track the issuance and return of keys within a property.

Vacancy Inspection and Work Order
Evaluate the condition of a property once it is vacated with an inspection and work order. Record the details of any repairs and work that may be needed, and jot down any general questions and remarks.

Liability Accident Notice
Detail the circumstances and damages surrounding an accident. This one page notice documents any information needed to follow-up on an incident and includes accident descriptions and witness statements.

Weekly Property Report
Keep a weekly property report to record building activity. This comprehensive form records a building's condition and use of areas such as hallways, storage bins, recreation facilities, and parking areas. It also includes reports on rent collections, delinquencies, and management administration.

Loss Report Form
In the event of injury or property damage, document the details on this loss report form.

Work Letter Agreement
Customize this work letter agreement, as an addendum to the lease, to detail all the work to be done for the tenant by the owner.

Maintenance Checklist
Use this customizable checklist to log the routine maintenance items of the interior of a property, apartment, or condo. This 3 page checklist includes cleaning for front door entry, back door entry, kitchen, bathrooms, fire alarms, kitchen plumbing, patio, and so much more! Now you can keep track of your maintenance in one checklist!

Managing the Management Company
10 Days Past Due Letter
Take the first step towards collecting late rent with this template letter. Inform and remind tenants of their lease default, and offer a contact number to call should they have any questions or concerns.

Insurance Deductible Resolution - HOA
Use this sample resolution form to define and designate the responsibilities of each responsible party for insuring each area of the property and paying any deductibles.

Acceptance Letter
Use this template acceptance letter to notify an applicant of approved rental. Inform a new tenant of information such as address, rent amount, and important local services and providers.

Landscape Violation Letter - HOA
Use this customizable letter to inform residents that their unit has violated one of more of the Associations landscaping rules and regulations.

Annual Calendar - HOA
Use this Calendar to help organize your annual maintenance, meetings, goals, expenses, etc. This 13 page document includes a Word page for each month along with bulleted lists to help keep annual planning and events on time.

Letter to New Vendor
Use this customizable letter to inform new vendors of their contract along with information regarding what the association will handle, what information will need to be provided by the vendor, as well as a location to insert contact information.

Annual Meeting Checklist - HOA
Use this sample annual meeting checklist to help you prepare for your next annual meeting. This customizable chart includes sample items that might be covered during an annual meeting. space to write checklist, property manger, date of meeting, and mailing date.

Management Screening Checklist - HOA
Use this sample management screening checklist of tasks commonly performed by HOA management to help you learn client's goals and objective and identify the services the firm offers.

Association Accounting Form - HOA
To help ensure the accuracy of information use this sample accounting form to help document and manage assessments and fine charges policies, special assessments, and late fee policies.

New Account Document and Financial Checklist - HOA
Use this sample new account document and financial checklist to help with the transition between management companies. This customizable checklist to mark off documents requested as the previous management company submits them. This checklist will help you keep track of documents received and follow up on any outstanding or missing items.

Association Administrative Form - HOA
To help ensure the accuracy of information use this sample administrative form to help document association management set-up information and log contact information for the Board of Directors.

Notice of Denial
Notify a prospect that their rental application has been denied based on their credit report or other information with this denial letter. The form lists principal reasons for credit denial or other action taken concerning credit. It also includes a statement informing the applicant of their rights according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act to dispute the accuracy of any information the consumer reporting agency reported

Association Common Area Component Checklist - HOA
Use this sample common area component checklist to help you when completing a reserve analysis. This customizable form includes analysis of Pool and Spa - Renewal, Common Area Lighting - Renewal - Common Area Stairs - Maintenance and so much more!

Notice of Rental Rate Change
Notify residents that their total monthly rent, including amenities, will be increased with this notice of rental rate change letter. The form includes fields to input the new monthly rent, anticipated six-month lease renewal rate, and the anticipated 12-month lease renewal rate.

Association Maintenance Form - HOA
To help ensure the accuracy of information use this sample maintenance inspection form to help document and manage inspection items, locations, units, violations, and repairs.

Notice of Returned Check
Notify a tenant of a returned check with this template letter.  The notice outlines the details of the return, including information such as check number, date and amount. This form also outlines any resulting charges or fees. 

Association Management Pricing - HOA
Use this sample cost accounting form to help you figure out how much it will cost you to provide adequate services to your association. Some of the calculations included in this form are gross costs, community manager's services, accounting services, and overhead and profit.

Notification Letter - Noncompliance - LIHTC
Use this customizable noncompliance letter to notify tenants of physical inspections conducted and informing them they are able to view a copy of the inspection report.

Association Property Inspection Report - HOA
Use this customizable inspection report for the initial maintenance evaluation of your community.

Notification Letter - Critical Violations - LIHTC
Use this customizable noncompliance letter to notify tenants of critical violation(s) based on physical inspections conducted and repairs that need to be corrected within a selected time frame.

Association Request for Documents
Use this customizable request form to request financial, resale, administrative,and maintenance & operations documents for upcoming transition.

Owner/Tenant Registration Form - HOA
Use this registration form to log general information about the tenant and the owner. This form also includes an emergency contact information section and a rental agent section.

Association Service Contract Record - HOA
Use this sample service contract form to record outside services requested, frequency, monthly amounts, cancellation provisions, and so much more!

Preference Questionnaire
Use this questionnaire to ask tenants and prospects their preferences towards their housing needs. This questionnaire will help gain a better understanding of what tenants and prospects want by asking the number of bedrooms and bathrooms desired, as well as ranking a list of amenities in order from most important to least important.

Association Transition Checklist - HOA
To help ensure the accuracy of information use this sample maintenance inspection form to help document and manage inspection items, locations, units, violations, and repairs.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist - HOA
Forms Use this preventive maintenance checklist to describe the building's or grounds area's condition by category (e.g. sidewalks, siding, drainage, etc), location, condition, and actions taken/required.

Association Transition Procedures Memo - HOA
Use this sample transition procedures memo to help with the changeover between management companies. This customizable memo includes tasks to complete 30 and 60 days prior to the management transition (i.e. Financial, Management, and Operational).

Pro Forma
Use this customizable pro forma draft to prepare the financial analysis of a proposed development. This easy to edit document permits analysis of the cost to develop a shopping center, projections of income and calculation of NOI and ROI.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - HOA
Use this form to log information about a BOD meeting that was held. This document includes places and information about when the meeting was held and where, as well as information about what was resolved within the meeting.

Property Profile Form - HOA
Use this form to catalog your property’s information. This 9 page document includes sections on: Utilities & Fuel information, Building & Site information, Compliance and other Compliance issues, General Building information, Security Systems, a Miscellaneous section and a Service Contracts & Vendor Summary table.

Board of Directors Orientation Agenda - HOA
Use this form to guide your Board of Directors Orientation. This 18 page document includes: duties and responsibilities of owners associations, responsibilities and duties of officers and directors, and a sample association – directors fiduciary responsibility resolution.

Property Takeover Financial Documentation Checklist
These comprehensive checklist aides in financial procedures associated with taking over a property.  Some of the operations included in the form are rent rolls, general ledgers, leases, and deposits.

Board of Directors Welcome Letter - HOA
Use this generalized welcome letter to welcome new board of directors and inform them of their, responsibilities.

Property Transition Requirements Checklist - HOA
Use this checklist to help administer property transitions. This three page document includes transition requirements on Telephone, Finance, Maintenance, Administration, BOD, Sales, etc.

Budget Cover Letter - HOA
Use this customizable cover letter to inform owners of yearly budget changes to the property.

Reasonable Accommodation Request Forms - HOA
Use this sample reasonable accommodations request form when a member requests additional accommodations due to a disability.

Clubhouse Reservation Agreement
Use a reservation agreement when tenants want to use the clubhouse for a party or a reception. This form documents the information, costs, and regulations of reserving a clubhouse. It also records the physical condition of the room and any damages that may have incurred during usage.

Rental Transaction Checklist
This rental transaction checklist details the procedures to follow to ensure that each prospective resident receives consistent and identical treatment, and it includes the types of documentation you should have.

Code and Local Law Compliance Summary
Stay on track and keep a summary of local and code law compliances. From elevator inspections to antenna permits, this form helps managers keep a listing of actions that have taken place and those that need to be done.

Request Records Form - HOA
Use this form to document the requestor’s contact information, the records being requested, and a disclaimer and signature section.

Committee Applications - HOA
Use this customizable committee application when managing a CID. The document includes information about property approval, space to include project description, exterior finish materials and colors, landscape plans, other project details, and ACC recommendations.

Resident Employee Employment Agreement
Customize this template agreement for an employee residing on the employment grounds. This agreement outlines occupancy terms and conditions such as surrender or termination.

Committee Goals Worksheet - HOA
Use this goal worksheet to plan committee goals, plan of action, deadlines, and project budget expenses. The form includes fields to enter data for the goal, plan of action, deadlines, and project expenses.

Resident Response Request
Use this customizable form to survey departing residents. This form helps managers collect a more comprehensive understanding of the property's weaknesses. Print this form and attach a cover letter when sending to your departing residents

Committee Meeting Report Form - HOA
Use this form to track meetings and presentations. This form includes fields to enter data for the meeting time and location, the presentation, and presentation completion dates. There is also a field to enter data about the presentation, whether it's been resolved and committee recommendations.

Resident Survey
Use this form to survey residents about their satisfaction. This one page survey asks residents about the staff's performance, living conditions within the apartment and common grounds, the responsiveness of maintenance staff, whether or not you'd recommend the complex to a friend, and so forth.

Community Association Survey - HOA
Want to survey your community membership? Use the sample association survey to get feedback from your community members. This customizable survey includes 8 questions that will help you get valuable feedback and learn what they think about the community.

Residential Property Management Account Take-Over Checklist
Use this in-depth checklist to help administer taking over a residential property management account. This seven page document includes procedures such as administrative and financial accounts, building and vendor information, and legal and regulatory compliance status.

Community Spirit Resolution - HOA
Use this sample member dispute resolution to help give a disciplined structure to how management handles member disputes. This customizable resolution form gives a reasonable procedure for dealing with conflict that might arise among members.

Residential Property Management Account Termination Checklist
Keep on track of terminating a residential property management account with this termination checklist. This comprehensive list helps control processes such as reviewing site management and personnel, conducting a final disposition, and forwarding any other responsibilities to the new ownership. 

Consent to Action without Board Meeting - HOA
Use this form to document emergency actions by the BOD. This document includes a section to record the action to be taken and a place to record signatures.

Risk Evaluation Checklist - HOA
Use this customizable evaluation to best identify risks at a property. The risk evaluation checklist is custom tailored for CID including a checklist of 29 questions and room for additional hazards or comments.

Cost-Plus Management Pricing Form
Use this spreadsheet tool to determine the total cost for third-party management. The form takes into account the cost of service for property managers, property management company executives, accountants, and clerical services.

Rules and Regulations
Customize this comprehensive list to document property rules and regulations for a tenant's agreement and signature. Outline rules such as number or occupants and damage responsibility. 

Crime Alert
Alert residents of a recent crime committed in the community with this template letter. Inform tenants of the incidence and suspect descriptions as reported by the police.  Also ask residents to refer to their security guidelines for their personal safety. 

Second Notice: Noise Infraction
Use this second letter of notice to inform tenants about a second noise complaint. This customizable letter informs tenants about the community "quiet hours" and consequences of not following the lease provisions. The letter also informs tenants if they do not comply a third and final notice will be sent, informing them to vacate the premises.

Electronic Notice Form - HOA
Use this electronic notice form with owners to indicate agreement on accepting notices and information electronically rather than a hard copy form.

Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations
Customize these rules and regulations to ensure safe use of the swimming pool by all members of the property.

Employee Warning Report
Use this warning report to document employee violations. The form includes fields to enter statements, signatures, type of violation, etc. The form can be used as a template and customized to fit each party's needs.

Take Over Checklist - HOA
Use this customizable committee application when managing a CID. The document includes information general Association management set-up information and board of directors contact information.

Eviction Notice
This form is an 10-day eviction notice that can be used as a template and customized to fit each party's specific needs.

Tenant Estoppel Certificate
Use this tenant estoppel certificate to ensure that certain facts pertaining to the tenant's lease with its landlord are true. This certificate gives assurance to the purchaser of a property or lender that the lease is in full force and effect, that a certain amount of rent and security deposit have been pre-paid, and that the landlord is not in default of any landlord obligations under the lease.

Extra Service Authorization Form - HOA
Use this form to enter data about regular monthly meeting dates, the person requesting the additional meetings, the purpose of the meeting, and authorization information.

Turnover of Apartment Community Checklist
Use this checklist to help administer turnover of a residential property to a new management company. This two page document includes procedures such as turning over administrative and financial accounts and building/vendor information, and ensuring that all affected parties are notified.

Final Notice: Noise Infraction
Use this third and final notice to inform tenants they have been sent warnings concerning excessive noise violation. This customizable letter informs tenants they will need to vacate the apartment by "X" date and a pre-move inspection will take place on "X" date.

Unit Exterior and Common Area Inspection Report - HOA
Use this customizable form to report on the major components of the property. This form includes: building exterior and interior items (e.g. grounds, brick and stone, stair halls, elevators, etc.). With this form you can document character and condition, needs, and estimated expenses involved.

First Notice: Noise Infraction
Use this first letter of notice to inform tenants about lease violations (i.e. noise infraction) and lease provisions.

Vendor Letter - HOA
Use this customizable letter to inform new vendors of their contract along with information regarding what the association will handle, what information will need to be provided by the vendor, as well as a location to insert contact information.

Five Day Demand Notice
Template letter for initial contact with tenants who are five days late with a rent payment and the amount that they owe.

Work-Order - HOA
Use this customizable work-order form to indicate what maintenance work is to be done, when it should be completed, and who will do the work. After completing the work-order form, you can use it as the maintenance record of the response to the service request.

Hazardous Weather Alert
Warn residents of hazardous weather conditions with this template alert form.  Customize the letter for regional weather patterns and emergencies. 

Building Analysis
Document the condition and features of a given property in order to conduct an initial building analysis. Use this form to evaluate and rate the overall structural, mechanical, and functional state of a building site.

Press Release
Customize this "fill-in-the-blank" press release form for immediate release when the need arises during a disaster. The form includes room to input contact information, incident information (i.e. what happened, where, when, cause, injuries, etc.).

Building Data Sheet
Use this Building Data Sheet to help assess the floor-by-floor usage allotment of a property. Features included as data are a floor's usable, common and rentable areas, as well as its floor load factor.

Residential Comparison Grid Worksheet
Form Use the Residential Comparison Grid Worksheet to help document the data required for a comparison grid. This Excel worksheet includes comparison criteria such as location, proximity to public transportation, building condition, and current rent.

Condominium Guest Card and Welcome Assessment
Use this customizable guest card to enhance your marketing and sales. Use this guest card to open up conversation with prospects and begin the interview process. The second page of this form is meant to assist you in the review of your session with the prospect by answering questions about what they found out about the prospect.

Residential Prospect/Guest Card
Document a prospective tenant's inquiries on this guest card. The card details a prospect's interest in the property and specific needs or requests.

Housing Comparison Grid
Use this customizable form to assist in the evaluation of your property's competitive strengths. The Housing Comparison grid is beneficial to both single-family and rental housing units. This form will help you determine the value and composition of the neighborhood market and assist you in figuring out the appropriate sales prices or rent ranges.

Tenant Demographics Survey
This customizable letter and tenant demographic survey supplies resident managers with a structured form that allows them to identify their property's tenant demographics. This includes: unit number, age, sex, marital status, number of children, cars, yearly income, and much more!P>

Marketing Schedule
Use a marketing schedule to plan projects and their budgets. Schedule and coordinate brochures, advertisements, public events, and more.

Traffic Report
Keep track of the activity and the interest surrounding a property site.  This Traffic Report logs how prospects came across property information and documents prospect inquiries and requirements.

Occupancy Vacancy Expirations Report
Document the condition and features of a given property in order to conduct an initial building analysis. Use this form to evaluate and rate the overall structural, mechanical, and functional state of a building site.

Residential Forms Package
Residential/Condo Forms Package

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