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Forms & Checklists

Leasing Forms

Search over 250 downloadable forms for residential, retail and commercial properties.

Commission Summary
Keep a history of commissions transactions and schedules. This form records and accounts for the collection and distribution of payments made by clients.

Rollover Schedule
Use the Rollover Schedule to track lease expiration dates. Log information by tenant and suite number.

Lease Abstract
This abstract provides a one-page overview of a lease's important details. Document lease space, base rent, and deposit information. Also, note additional comments or concerns effecting lease approval.

Roommate Responsibility Agreement
When a new roommate signs a lease, attach a responsibility addendum to clearly outline any agreements.  This forms documents the agreement of a person added to a lease to the provisions set forth in the original lease agreement.

Lease Standard Allowance
Compute and analyze standard leases allowances such as partitions and light fixtures. Other allowances include hardware and doors.

Space Acceptance Letter
This letter documents the acceptance by the tenant of the premises as described in a lease.

Lease Summation Report
Use a summation report to help administer a lease. This report details specific terms to be included in the lease and allows for the documentation of any modifications.

Tenant Control Sheet
Document a tenant?s lease agreement and any additional concessions granted with this Tenant Control Sheet.

Lease Transmittal and Checklist
This helpful form provides a checklist for duties related to transferring a lease. Collect tenant information, check off actions to be performed, and log contacts.

Tenant Lease Summary Form
Use this customizable lease summary to summarize the information needed to day-to-day operations of the property. This document included general information about the tenant, monthly rental rates, reimbursement, tenant responsibilities, and miscellaneous items.

Leasing Activity Report
Summarize leasing inquiries and activities for a property with an activity report. Log active prospects, submitted proposals, and signed leases.

Tenant Ledger
Keep a tenant ledger to detail a tenant's rent payment schedule and any additional costs owed. This form allows for charges made to be described, tracked, and balanced.

Rent Roll Collections Report
Use a rent roll to track rent received and collections. Log information by tenant and suite number, and calculate new balances.

Tenant Space Requirements Questionnaire
This Tenant Space Requirements Questionnaire provides specific information about a prospect's space requirements. Information includes the prospect's contact information, general usage area specifications, and equipment needs.

Rent Roll Collections Report
Use a rent roll to track rent received and collections. Log information by tenant and suite number, and calculate new balances.

Unit Availability Report
This Unit Availability Report will help track your which buildings/apartments you have or don't have available.. This reports let's you mark the building number/unit, location, apartment size and layout, dates vacated, and dates made available. This report also lets you log notes and promotions

Residential Lease Addendums
Bimonthly Auto Rent Payment Agreement
Use this Excel document to authorize bimonthly rent deductions from a banking institution.  This form allows for automatic rent payment based on the terms outlined in a lease.

Monthly Auto Rent Payment Agreement
Use this Excel form to authorize automatic monthly rent deductions from a banking institution.  The agreement records a residents financial institution and unit information, as well as documents rent payment and deduction authorization.

Drug and Crime Free Policy for Employees
Ensure a safe and efficient work environment by having employees acknowledge receipt of this drug and crime free policy.

Pet Agreement
Agree to pets in writing.  This agreement documents the conditions under which tenants may have pets, and details any deposits or fees per animal.

Drug Free Housing Addendum
Customize this lease addendum for drug free housing. The tenant should sign off on this statement and agree not to engage in drug-related criminal activity on or near the property.

Pet Lease Addendum
The Pet Lease Addendum amends a tenant's lease to add a pet.  Like a pet agreement, the addendum outlines any conditions or fees associated with having a pet in a rental unit.

Early Termination of Lease Addendum
Document early termination procedures and consequences with this Early Termination of Lease Addendum.  The addendum serves as a template outlining timeframes for notice of termination and any fees involved with the process. 

Rent Concessions Addendum
Customize and use this rent addendum to outline apartment lease agreements. Attatch the addendum to the lease and account for all signatures as a record of agreement.

Employee Lease Addendum
Provide a lease addendum for employees who reside at the properties where they work.  This addendum outlines special provisions and concessions.

Roommate Lease Addendum
Document the addition of a person to a lease with a roommate addendum.  This addendum lists arrangements for security deposit and for an exiting tenant.

Last Month Rent Addendum
Customize and use this rent addendum to outline last month's rent procedures.  Attach the addendum to the lease and account for all signatures as a record of agreement.

Security Deposit Agreement
Record the terms and conditions for a security deposit with this Security Deposit Agreement. Use the agreement as a template, and customize it for amount figure and release terms at move-out.

Lead Warning Statement
Provide tenants this lead warning statement for any buildings built before 1978.

Smoke Detector and Insurance Lease Addendum
By signing this addendum, residents acknowledge the fact that there is a smoke detector installed in their unit. The statement also specifies that the tenant must obtain a homeowner insurance policy.

Military Lease Addendum
This Military Lease Addendum documents special lease provision for military personnel. Attach the addendum to the back of a lease in times of national security and alert to comply with the Set Aside Housing Program.

Storage Bin Agreement
Document the terms and agreement for tenant use of a property's storage bins.  This agreement highlights the conditions to leasing the bin and the leasing renewal.

Mold Addendum
Keep track of key distribution on a record. Customize this key distribution record to track the issuance and return of keys within a property.

Transfer Request
Document a tenants request for transfer between properties and log tenant history with this Transfer Request. The request records where the tenant wants to transfer, the reason for the move, and if any medical verification is submitted.

Tenant Move-In & Move-Out
Acceptance of Rental Unit
Record and outline a new tenant's acceptance of a rental unit with this detailed document. This "walk-through" template covers the condition of all rooms and notifies the tenant of any deadlines for completion.

Move-Out Notice
Use this notice to document move-out information and procedures for tenants vacating a building. Information included in the documents covers lease and rent stop dates, landlord and tenant obligations, and forwarding addresses.

Condominium Proxy - HOA
This Condominium Poxy is a useful form to customize and document a person who is unable to attend an annual election.

Moving Notice
Document moving dates and procedures for tenants leaving a building space. This form provides schedules for delivering keys, tenant kits, and other information.

Lease Transmittal and Checklist
This helpful form provides a checklist for duties related to transferring a lease. Collect tenant information, check off actions to be performed, and log contacts.

Notice of Non-Renewal of Lease
Customize and use this lease notification to notify tenant's of their non-renewal. This notification allows you to document and customize your tenant's non-renewal to your needs.

Move-In Checklist
Keep a move-in checklist at hand to facilitate the move-in process. This document offers a comprehensive list of procedures a property should meet before a new tenant moves into a unit. Some of the operations recorded on the checklist include charges and collections, lease addendum acknowledgments, and key distributions.

Pre-Lease Notification
Prepare for new tenants moving in by reminding existing tenants of their expected move-out date.  This form notifies residents of when new people will be moving into the unit. 

Move-In Notice
This notice records move-in information for a tenant moving into a building. List tenant's contact information, parking and key distribution, and include any remarks or comments that need to be added.

Security Deposit Release
Use this form to release a security deposit to a tenant at move-out. The release form lists the original amount of deposit, time it was held, and includes payment of any interest accrued.

Move-Out Checklist
Initial and date move-out processes on this Move-Out Checklist. Procedures covered in this document include notices delivered and received, inspections, and deposit dispositions.

Tenant Qualification
Background Investigation
Before accepting a prospective applicant, conduct a background investigation. This form authorizes and records background information such as a prospect's residential and credit histories.

Rental Reference Verification
Verify a prospective tenant's references with this verification form.  Check a tenant's rental history, compliance with building rules, and whether or not a former landlord would rent again.

Corporate Credit Application Information
When considering a new tenant, track your prospects background information with this Tenant Credit Information form. Record a tenant's credit rating and reference information to help decide approval status.

Sample LIHTC Application
This form is a sample LIHTC tenant application. Use this customizable form to help you determine a tenant's qualification. This document includes 7 sections inquiring about family composition, income, assets, employment history, landlord references, general information, and current place of residency/emergency contact information.

Prospective Lessee Qualifications
It is important to have a proper evaluation when appraising prospective tenants. This customizable form includes a questions to help you think through the process and costs or a new business.

Tenant Credit Information
When considering a new tenant, do a background check with this Tenant Credit Information form. Record a tenant's credit rating and reference information to help decide approval status.

Rental Application
Customize this standard rental application for prospect tenants. Information collected on the form includes reference checks, previous resident addresses, and credit or income verification.

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